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Jan Stráský born 24 December 1940 in Plzeň is a Czech politician, who notably served as the last Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia in 1992

Stráský studied philosophy and political economy at the Charles University in Prague1 During the 1960s-'80s he worked at the Central bank of Czechoslovakia From 1964 to 1969 he was a member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia

In 1991 Stráský became a member of the Civic Democratic Party, since 1992 he was member of parliament, minister of transportation 1993–95, and minister of health 1995–96 From 2 July to 31 December 1992 he served as prime minister Since Václav Havel, at that time president of Czechoslovakia, resigned due to his disagreement with the dissolution of Czechoslovakia on 20 July 1992, some presidential competencies were handed over to Stráský1 Later he left politics and as of 2005update works in the civil service

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Political offices
Preceded by
Marián Čalfa
Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Minister of Transportation of the Czech Republic
Succeeded by
Vladimír Budínský
Preceded by
Luděk Rubáš
Minister of Health of the Czech Republic
Succeeded by
Zuzana Roithová

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