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Jan Gebauer

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Jan Gebauer 8 October 1838, Úbislavice – 25 May 1907, Prague was a significant Czech expert on Czech studies and one of the most renowned Czech scientists of all times His scientific work was influenced by the methods of positivism


Jan Gebauer was born into a poor family in the small village of Úbislavice near the Krkonoše mountains He has German ancestry of paternal side which has assimilated into Czech by married Thanks to the local clergyman, the talented boy received a chance to study at high school in Jičín After his school-leaving exam, he first went on to study theology, but he did not finish it and enrolled philosophy at Charles University instead During the whole time of his studies, he suffered from a lack of money

After finishing his studies, he started working as a teacher – in Prague at first, later in Pardubice, and finally in Prague again He received his PhD in 1872 and became a docent of the Czech language at the Charles University in 1873 In 1880 he was named professor extraordinarius and one year later professor ordinarius

In 1886 he exposed the Manuscripts of Dvůr Králové and of Zelená Hora "discovered" in 1817 as literary hoaxes by Václav Hanka in Masaryk's Athenaeum journal1


  • Historická mluvnice jazyka českého Historical grammar of the Czech language – volumes Hláskosloví Phonetics, 1894, Tvarosloví – Skloňování Morphology – Declension, 1896, Tvarosloví – Časování Morphology – Conjugation, 1898, Skladba Syntax, 1929, edited and published by František Trávníček
  • Slovník staročeský Dictionary of the old Czech language, 1903, 2 volumes, finished and published by Emil Smetánka
  • Mluvnice česká pro školy střední a ústavy učitelské I, II Czech grammar for middle schools and pedagogical institutes I, II, 1890
  • Krátká mluvnice česká Short Czech grammar, 1891


  1. ^ Historical abstracts: Modern history abstracts, 1775-1914: Volume 17 American Bibliographical Center - 1971 "In 1886 Toma's G Masaryk's journal Athenaeum published Jan Gebauer's philological article casting doubt on the authenticity of the Old Czech manuscripts of Dvur Kralove' and Zelena' Hora, accepted by most patriotic Czechs as precious "

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