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James (musician)

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Faruq Mahfuz Anam Bengali: ফারুক মাহফুজ আনাম, known by his stage name James is a Bangladeshi singer, guitarist, and composer He is often referred to as "Guru" James is currently the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Nagar Baul the Urban Mendicant He has also played back in few songs in Bollywood movies James rose to mainstream fame in the 1990s as the frontman of "Feelings" now renamed "Nagar Baul" which is one of the "Big Three of Rock", who were responsible for developing and popularising rock music in Bangladesh, the other two being LRB and Ark James is considered to be the pioneer of psychedelic rock in Bangladesh


  • 1 Early life
  • 2 Musical career
    • 21 Bangladesh
    • 22 Bollywood
  • 3 Modeling and television appearances
  • 4 Personal life
    • 41 Red Dot Entertainment
    • 42 Photography
  • 5 Discography
    • 51 Band Albums
    • 52 Solo albums and tracks
  • 6 Hindi famous song
  • 7 Album Description
    • 71 Station Road 1988
      • 711 Personnel
    • 72 Jail Theke Bolchhi1993
      • 721 Personnel
    • 73 Nagar Baul1996
      • 731 Personnel
    • 74 Lais Fita Lais 1998
      • 741 Personnel
    • 75 Dustu Chheler Dol 2001
      • 751 Personnel
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Early life

James was born in Naogaon and raised in Rajshahi and Chittagong His father was a government employee who was later appointed as the Chairman of the Chittagong Education Board From his teens, James developed an avid interest in music, an interest which his family did not accept or support He first played guitar with his friends when he was in class seven in 1973 Following a huge dispute with his family, James left his house when he was in class eight He started living in a dormitory called Aziz Boarding in Chittagong This is the place his musical career kickstarted and flourished after he met the musicians from the band "Feelings" He joined "Feelings" as the vocal and lead guitaristHe is graduated from University of RajshahiDepartment of Chemistry

Musical career

After some members left "Feelings" in 1980, James, along with Funty, Pablo and Swapan reformed the band and started to perform in local gigs This was the line-up at that time:

  • James – Lead Guitar, Vocal
  • Funty – Drums
  • Pablo – Keyboards, Vocal
  • Swapan – Bass Guitar

He became popular among musicians as 'The one who can play Mark Knopfler with the right feels' After several years of stage shows, they came to Dhaka to record their first album, 'Station Road' All the tracks were composed by James, with five of its lyrics being written by him as well Though the album was not a hit, some tracks like 'Ager Jonome', 'Amai Jete Dao' and 'Rupshagor' enjoyed moderate success

In 1993, they released their second album 'Jail Theke Bolchhi' Speaking from the Jail This album was a major hit and Feelings became a mainstream band


James performing in San Francisco Bay Area, USA Sep 2013

James sings psychedelic rock and blues music He has cited Jim Morrison, Mark Knopfler, and Eric Clapton as his influences Many lyricists have written songs for James including Poet Shamsur Rahman, Prince Mahmud, Marjuk Rasel, Shibli and Deholovi Musicians like Lucky Akhand and Manam Ahmed have also composed songs for him The albums he released with Feelings after "Station Road" and "Jail Theke Bolchhi" are "Nogor Baul" in 1996, "Leis Fita Leis" in 1998, "Collection of Feelings" in 1999 His first Solo Album was "Anonna", released in 1989, followed by "Palabe Kothai" in 1995, "Dukkhini Dukkho Korona" in 1997, "Thik Achhe Bondhu" in 1999, "Ami Tomader E Lok" in 2003, "Jonota Express" in 2005, "Toofan" in 2006 and "Kal Jomuna" in 2009 James later renamed "Feelings" as "Nogor Baul" The first & only album as "Nogor Baul" was "Dushtu Cheler Dol", released in 2001


James has been one of the most popular artists, both as a solo musician and with his band in Bangladesh and in West Bengal since the 1990s James met Pritam Chakraborty, an Indian Bengali music director and composer working in Bollywood, in 2004 In 2005, James did the playback for the movie "Gangster" The title of the song was "Bheegi Bheegi" and it was a blockbuster hit The song remained at the top of the Bollywood Hit List for more than a month He later teamed up with Pritam again for the movie "Woh Lamhe" in 2006 for the song "Chal Chalein" and again for "Rishtey" and "Alvida Reprise" in the movie "Life in a Metro"

James' last song in Bollywood titled "Bebasi" was released in 2013, for the movie "Warning" It was released in YouTube ahead of the movie for promotional purposes

Modeling and television appearances

James first appeared in a television commercial for Pepsi in the early 2000s This commercial was broadcast both in West Bengal and Bangladesh Later in 2011, James starred in a Bangladeshi TVC for "Black Horse", a brand of energy drinks James appeared in the Bollywood movie Life in A Metro where he played the role of a member of a street band Metro along with Pritam and Suhail Kaul

Personal life

James was first married to Rothi In 2002, he ended his first marriage, and married Benazir Sazzad whom he reportedly met during a concert in New York around the year 1999 James has three children: daughters Jannat and Jahaan, and son Daanish

Red Dot Entertainment

James, along with Gazi Shubhro and Jewel Paiker, co-owns the production house RED dot Multimedia Ltd The company was established in December 2005 and James is the Chairman of its board of directors The production house was behind the video commercial titled "Beautiful Bangladesh" for the "ICC World Cup Cricket 2011" Red Dot Entertainment produced numerous reality TV shows including D Rock Star 2007, Lux Channel I SuperStar 2010 & 2014, Ke Hote Chay Kotipoti 2011 Red Dot produces TVCs, Music Videos, TV Reality Shows, Corporate Audio Visuals and they are planning to produce a full-length film


James is also a very enthusiastic amateur photographer His photos have been used for album covers He plans to exhibit his works in the future


James at reunion concert in SUST campus, 2012

Band Albums

  • Feelings 1987 Later renamed as Station Road
  • Jail Theke Bolchi 1993
  • Nagar Baul 1996
  • Lais Fita Lais 1998
  • Dustu Cheler Dol 2001

Solo albums and tracks

  • Anonna 1989
  • Palabe Kothai 1995
  • Dukkhini Dukkho Korona 1997
  • Thik Achhe Bondhu 1999
  • Ami Tomader E Lok 2003
  • Jonota Express 2005
  • Toofan 2007
  • Kal Jomuna 2008
  • Bheegi Bheegi 2005, 'Gangster'
  • Chal Chalein 2006, 'Woh Lamhe'
  • Rishtey, Alvida Reprise 2007, 'Life in a Metro'
  • "Bebasi" 2013, 'Warning 3D'

Hindi famous song

  • Bheegi bheegiGangster 2006
  • Alvida
  • Bebasi
  • Chal Chale
  • Rishtey

Album Description

Station Road 1988

Released by Doel Products

All music composed by James


  • James ustad – Lead Guitar, Vocal
  • Funty – Drums, Percussions
  • Pablo – Keyboards, Clarinet, Fluite, Vocal
  • Swapan – Bass

Jail Theke Bolchhi1993

All music composed by James


  • James – Lead Guitar, Vocal, Cover Concept
  • Funty – Drums, Percuss – Bass
  • Tanvir – Keyboards

Nagar Baul1996

All music composed by James


  • James – Lead Guitar, Vocal, Cover Concept
  • Funty – Drums, Percussions
  • Babu – Bass
  • Asad – Keyboards

Lais Fita Lais 1998

All music composed by James


  • James – Lead Guitar, Vocal, Cover Concept
  • Funty – Drums, Percussions
  • Babu – Bass
  • Asad – Keyboards

Dustu Chheler Dol 2001

All music composed by James


  • James – Lead Guitar, Vocal
  • Asad – Keyboards
  • Tajul – Bass
  • Romel – Drums, Percussions


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