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Jamboard is an upcoming interactive whiteboard developed by Google, as part of the G Suite family It was officially announced on 25 October 2016 It has a 55" 4K touchscreen display, and will have compatibility for online collaboration through cross-platform support The display can also be mounted onto a wall or be configured into a stand

It is scheduled to be released in 2017


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After Google Apps for Work was launched in 2006, the subscription-based service was announced to be rebranded as G Suite on 29 September 2016, alongside announcements of machine learning integration into Drive's programs, a redesign of Hangouts and the announcement of Team Drive

On 25 October, Product Manager of G Suite TJ Varghese announced Jamboard on Google's official blog The announcement trailer for the product was released the same day onto YouTube The website was also launched on the same day simultaneously, as well as a rumored version of an "Early Adopter Program" for the device


The device can be mounted on a wall, or, by default, be set up on a vertical stand with wheels


Jamboard will feature a 55" 4K display that will support touchscreen capabilities and has a 60Hz refresh rate, and is able to detect up to 16 touch points anywhere within It also includes Wi-Fi connectivity, a HD front-facing camera, microphone and built-in speakers The touchsreen is controlled by a dedicated stylus to control the device or draw on it, as well as an eraser


The Jamboard also has an operating system that coincides with the G Suite ecosystem The main controller of the Jamboard can open a "jam", which is a session where users can join and work on projects inside the space available Any service compatible with G Suite can also be performed on any device connected


Jamboard will be released in 2017 It will retail for ~$6,000


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