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Islet (band)

islet band of brothers, islet bandsaw
Islet are a psychedelic pop band from Wales


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Islet were formed in Cardiff in 2009 by brothers Mark and John Thomas with Emma Daman formerly of The Victorian English Gentlemens Club After signing to Turnstile Music, the band released the mini albums Celebrate this Place and Wimmy in 2010, with their full-length debut album Illuminated People appearing in January 2012



  • Celebrate This Place Shape/Turnstile, 2010
  • Wimmy Shape/Turnstile, 2010
  • Liquid Half Moon EP Shape/Turnstile, 2016


  • Illuminated People Shape/Turnstile, 2012
  • Released by the Movement Shape/Turnstile, 2013


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External links

  • Official Bandcamp
  • Shape Records label page

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