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Inowrocław Voivodeship

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Inowrocław Voivodeship in
the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1635 Capital Inowrocław History    Established 1364    Annexed by Prussia 25 September 1772 Area 5,877 km2 2,269 sq mi Political subdivisions Two counties of Inowrocław Voivodeship proper, plus three counties of Dobrzyń Land

Inowrocław Voivodeship Polish: województwo inowrocławskie was a unit of administrative division and local government in Poland from the 14th century to the First Partition of Poland in 1772 Together with the neighbouring Brześć Kujawski Voivodeship it was part of the Kuyavia region and the Greater Polish prowincja

With size of some 2,900 km2 together with Dobrzyn Land, its area was 5,877 km2, it was one of the smallest voivodeships of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth In early years after its creation 14th century, it was called Gniewkowo Voivodeship Województwo gniewkowskie, from the town of Gniewkowo, the seat of local Piast princes Last mention of Gniewkowo Voivodeship was in 1420 Even though the capital of the voivodeship was in Inowrocław, its biggest urban center was Bydgoszcz Local sejmiks, together with Brzesc Kujawski Voivodeship, took place in Radziejow The Inowroclaw Voivodeship with Dobrzyn Land had six senators Voivode and Castellan of Inowroclaw, Castellan of Bydgoszcz, and Castellans of Dobrzyn, Rypin and Slonsk Dolny

Apart from the original two Kuyavian counties of the Voivodeship, it also included the Dobrzyn Land, located on eastern bank of the Vistula which became part of the Kingdom of Poland in 1466 The Dobrzyn Land was divided into three counties Dobrzyń, Rypin, Lipno, and had its own sejmiks at Lipno

Governor seat:

  • Inowrocław

Voivodes: Hieronim Radomicki 1630–1651

Regional council sejmik seats:

  • Radziejow
  • Lipno

Administrative division:

  • County of Inowrocław
  • County of Bydgoszcz
  • Land of Dobrzyń ziemia dobrzyńska, divided into the counties of Dobrzyń, Rypin, and Lipno

Neighbouring Voivodeships:

  • Pomeranian Voivodeship
  • Chełmno Voivodeship
  • Płock Voivodeship
  • Brześć Kujawski Voivodeship
  • Kalisz Voivodeship
  • Gniezno Voivodeship since 1768


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Coordinates: 52°47′44″N 18°15′37″E / 52795537°N 18260144°E / 52795537; 18260144

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Inowrocław Voivodeship
Inowrocław Voivodeship
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