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Ingushetiaorg Ингушетияorg; formerly ingushetiyaru is a non-government Ingush news agency and web site and was owned by Magomed Yevloyev Its server is located in the United States

The website has been accused of "inciting inter-ethnic hatred" by the public prosecutor of North Ossetia and came under numerous hacker attacks in 2007 The portal also organised the I have not voted! action in Ingushetia after the 2007 Russian legislative elections, gathering more than 57,000 signatures of people who had not voted The aim of the action was to demonstrate that the official results of the regional voting 98% turnout and 99% support of United Russia were false According to Ingushetiaru, as reported in Chechnya Weekly, access to the portal by people within Ingushetia was blocked by Ingush authorities in November 2007

On August 31, 2008, the website's owner and a vocal critic of the government, Magomed Yevloyev, was shot dead while in police custody Around the same time, the website was shut down by hackers, something that has happened multiple times in the past

Since September 25 2008, the domain ingushetiyaru ceased to operate and the address of the web portal was changed to ingushetiaorg

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  • in Russian Ingushetiaorg home page
  • in Russian Archive of Ingushetiyaru Feb 12, 2008
  • English language blog of Ingushetiyaru

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