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Information integration

information integration theory, information integration
Information integration II also called referential integrity is the merging of information from heterogeneous sources with differing conceptual, contextual and typographical representations It is used in data mining and consolidation of data from unstructured or semi-structured resources Typically, information integration refers to textual representations of knowledge but is sometimes applied to rich-media content Information fusion, which is a related term, involves the combination of information into a new set of information towards reducing redundancy and uncertainty1

Examples of technologies available to integrate information include deduplication, and string metrics which allow the detection of similar text in different data sources by fuzzy matching A host of methods for these research areas are available such as those presented in the International Society of Information Fusion


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  • Data fusion is a subset of Information integration
  • Sensor fusion
  • Data integration
  • Image fusion


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  • Discriminant Correlation Analysis DCA
  • Information Integration Using Logical View LNCS 1997
  • International Society of Information Fusion

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