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Industrial Design Centre

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Coordinates: 19°08′00″N 72°55′03″E / 19133408°N 72917384°E / 19133408; 72917384

Industrial Design Centre
Established 1969
Head current Prof Sreekumar
Academic staff 24
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Campus Urban
Type Design school
Website http://wwwidciitbacin

Industrial Design Centre IDC is one of the oldest design schools in India, established in 1969 by the Government of India at the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay It offers the following academic programs: a 4 year Bachelors program in design, an integrated program 5 year BDes + MDes and a 2 year Master of Design program in Industrial Design, Communication Design, Animation, Interaction Design and Mobility & Vehicle Design The school also has a PhD program in Design Students pursuing the Masters program are also eligible to Teaching Assistantship which comes with a monthly stipend


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Master's course structure

For the M Des program, the first two semesters in the first year consist of theory courses and projects The general structure of a course at IDC is a set of lectures designed to provide a theoretical introduction to the subject, followed by design exercises that encourage students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical problems of their choice Most courses in IDC run between 2 to 3 weeks in duration, with one or two courses running the full duration of a semester The advantage of the short course length is that students take only on course at a time, and are fully immersed in it for that time period It's an intense period of learning through lectures and hands-on project work

In the second year, students may continue to take courses while most of their time is dedicated to design projects Design projects of the second year are organised as Project-1 1–2 months, Project-2 3 months and Project-3 4–6 months Faculty members publish a list of projects that they may be interested in guiding, which are often subsets of their long term ongoing projects Students have the choice to take up one of these faculty projects, or propose new project topics of their own interest, or propose to work in partnership with industry In the latter cases, students need to present their proposal in detail for approval by the faculty team before they can commence work

Master's projects may be research oriented, design oriented, or a combination of both


There are 24 faculty members who are supported by technical staff and workshop personnel in their educational, consultancy and research projects The faculty at IDC comes from backgrounds like industrial design, communication design, graphic design, architecture, art, engineering, sciences and ergonomics


IDC has studios for metal, wood, plastic, plaster, and ceramic with provisions for making and painting models as well as developing prototypes

Computer facilities

Computer facilities include PCs and Macintosh computers at dedicated work stations suited to work in the areas of 2D and 3D representations, computer animation and interactive media and electronic publishing

Animation studio

The animation lab is equipped with high-end computers running software like Maya for 3D animation and Animo for 2D animation The lab also houses a printer and a state of the art scanner Traditional animation equipment like light boxes, a studio punch and a line tester are also available A collection of international animation films is available for viewing

Typography studio

The aim of the typography studio is to develop a platform for research and facilitate design activities in the areas of font design, publication design and design for children

Interaction design studio

The interaction design studio has facilities for making interaction design prototypes and the usability laboratory has facilities for conducting studies and evaluation of user centered design

Ergonomics laboratory

The ergonomics laboratory conducts research in man and machine relationship Products and machines can be tested for ergonomic appropriateness

Photo and video studio

The photo studio has facilities for color and black-and-white photography Video facilities include equipment like mini DV cameras and digital cameras

Clay modelling studio

Form generation and exploring different styles is a very important component of the design education at IDC The clay styling studio is equipped with stocks of styling clay, clay tools and ovens to help generate alternatives for styling in automobiles and products Clay styling helps in bringing very fine details of form transition

Product development cell

The product development cell undertakes research and development projects, culminating into working prototypes

Bamboo studio

Bamboo is the fastest growing biomass It is eco-friendly and a future material for designers Bamboo craft with its unique traditions opens up new possibilities in 'design expression' with woven forms The bamboo studio intends to nurture the bamboo craft to create new products made with industrial discipline and appropriate technologies

IDC library

The IDC library is well stocked with books and design publications IDC subscribes to major international design journals and magazines The range covers design, graphics, photography, cinema, type design, typography, graphic design, ergonomics, design management, product design, environment design, and interaction design A collection of films, CD ROMs, video cassettes and DVDs is also available


Students can secure admission into design programmes at the undergraduate level offered at IDC, IIT Bombay on the basis of their rank in UCEED, whereas admission in postgraduate design programmes is offered on the basis of a candidate's score in CEED The postgraduate admission process also includes a design test followed by personal interviews, both conducted at IDC


Besides application and project oriented research, the faculty's research interests include perception and cognition, visual semantics, collaborative learning environments, information design, playing and learning, ergonomic investigation, Indian products and visual tradition, bamboo material finishes, type and Indian languages Among the design schools in the country, IDC is especially known for research rigor, high number of academic publications and highly qualified faculty The institute runs several labs where active design research is carried out

Design and Degree Show

The Design and Degree Show DDS is the annual showcase of design and works by the graduating students of IDC This annual event is held to spread design awareness through workshops, conferences and exhibition of works by the graduating class

DDS is also a forum for Indian and international designers to share their experiences and insights with the industry, academia and general public who attend the event

It is held every year during the months of June and July in the IIT Bombay campus Subsequent to the main event, it has also been held at the Nehru Centre, Juhu, Mumbai as a follow-up event over the past few years

Year Main event at IIT Bombay Follow-up event at Nehru Centre
2013 June 21–23 June 29–30
2014 June 27–29 July 5–6
2015 June 13–17 Not held
2016 June 19–21 Discontinued
2017 June 9–11 Discontinued

Notable alumni

  • Bidyabijay Bhowmik - VP of Design at Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Udaya Kumar - designer of the rupee symbol
  • Pranav Mistry - inventor of 6th sense and Global Vice President of Research at Samsung Suhas S Kakde
  • Hari Kumar Nair - VP of Design at Whirlpool
  • Tanay Kumar - Founder of FractalInk design studio
  • Satyendra Pakhale - of Pakhale Associatesbln,m]]

See also

  • Design portal
  • Kerala State Institute of Design KSID, Chandanathope, Kerala


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External links

  • IDC official site
  • IIT Bombay official website
  • Design in India website
  • Pictures of IDC, IIT Bombay on Flickr
  • IDC alumni on YahooGroups

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