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Indians in Qatar

current situations of indians in qatar, visa on arrival for indians in qatar
The community of Indians in Qatar includes Indian expatriates in Qatar, as well as people born in Qatar of Indian origin The Indian population in the country currently stands at around 650,0002


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More and more Indian students in Qatar, especially Doha, are opting for distance education programmes after passing their higher secondary examinations After clearing their Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE Class 12 exams, the students are making a beeline for the various distance education programmes offered by a number of Indian universities in Qatar3


According to media reports and Indian government figures published on February 17, 2014 more than 1000 Indians working in Qatar have died in the past two years, obtained by news wire AFP under right of information laws According to the Indian embassy in Qatar, 237 workers died in 2012 and 218 in 2013 The figures follow similar data revealed to AFP by the Nepalese embassy in Doha last month, showing 191 deaths recorded in 2013, with many of them from "unnatural" heart failure, compared with 169 the year before The Indian embassy did not give details about the circumstances of the deaths4


Indian schools in Qatar include:

  • Doha Modern Indian School
  • Ideal Indian School
  • MES Indian school
  • Shantiniketan Indian School
  • Birla Public School
  • Bhavans Public School
  • Delhi Public School

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  • Embassy of India, Doha


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  • wwwindiansinqatarcom - Community website for Indians in Qatar

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