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Indians in Peru

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Indians in Peru form a tiny minority in the country and are one of the smaller populations of the Indian diaspora According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, there were about 500 Indians living in Peru as of December 20161


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The first immigrants from India to have arrived in Peru were businessmen who had gone there in the early 1960s Later on, the community grew in number marginally until the early 80s, after which many of its members left due to the severe local economic crises and the prevailing terrorism Those with relatives in other Latin American countries joined them In recent years, the size of the community has remained stable

There is also a small number of expatriate professionals from India in the country and a few of them have obtained Peruvian citizenship – not more than 10 out of a total number of almost forty persons


While a few Indian cultural activities are organized, in general, the Indian community in Peru maintained a low profile Due to the vast distance that separates the community from India, the interest in their country of origin is limited to major events, mainly derived from occasional browsing on the internet But being invariably first generation migrants, many of them do occasionally visit India

Most of them speak only their mother tongue and Spanish, with a smattering of English

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Indians in Peru

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