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Indian Literature (journal)

indian literature journal sahitya akademi, chinese literature journal
Indian Literature is official English Language literary journal published bi-monthly by the Sahitya Akademi, India's National Academy of Letters

History and profile

The Sahitya Akademi first launched Indian Literature in 1957 as a half-yearly journal in English that chronicled the activities of the Akademi In the words of Krishna Kripalani, the first editor of Indian Literature, the modest aim of the journal was:

  1. To help the writers and readers in the languages of India to know each other better, ie, a focus on translations to and from Indian languages;
  2. To coordinate literary activities in the Indian languages; and
  3. To supply and propagate information regarding Indian literature

The current editor of the journal is A J Thomas Previous editors include K Satchidanandan and HS Shivaprakash

Over the years the journal has changed its outlook and now, besides Akademi activities, it also showcases contemporary literary criticism, original creative literary output in the form of English translation from different parts of India in the 24 recognized Indian languages as well as the many minor languages like Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tulu, Meitei and Kui, etc

The journal completed its 50th year in 2007 In 2014, Indian Literature was a bi-monthly journal


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chinese literature journal, indian literature journal sahitya akademi

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Indian Literature (journal)

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Indian Literature (journal)
Indian Literature (journal)
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