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Indian immigration to Mexico

indian immigration to mexico letter, italian immigration to mexico 1860s
Indian Mexicans are Mexican citizens who are descendants of migrants from India Indians are a minor, but increasing, group in Mexico and are particularly active in the country's tech industry


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The first Indians arrived in Mexico during the colonial era During this period, thousands of Asians arrived via the Manila galleons, some of them as slaves termed "chinos" or "indios chinos" litteraly Chinese, regardless of actual ethnicity The first record of an Asian in Mexico is from 1540; an enslaved cook originating from Calicut2 The best known "china" was Catarina de San Juan, a girl captured by Portuguese slave traders in Cochin

In 1923, immigration of ethnic Indians was secretly prohibited3 The ban was kept confidential in order to avoid diplomatic problems with the British Empire This ban, along with similar bans based on ethnicity, was eliminated by a 1947 law that prohibited racial discrimination3

Most of the Indians in Mexico are recent arrivals in the country and almost all of them have settled in Mexico City4unreliable source Mexico has a non-discriminatory policy with regard to the grant of its citizenship The spouse of a Mexican national would generally not face any problem in acquiring local citizenship Although a few of the NRIs have married Mexicans, they have retained their Indian citizenship

Hare Krishnas dancing at the 2013 Feria de las Culturas Amigas in Mexico City

The Indians in this country are mainly businessmen or professionals Many of them work with one or other international organization or a multinational corporation There are also some academicians and scientists among them They have helped to bring about greater mutual understanding between India and their host country Some of the Indians work for "ISPAT Mexicana" which is part of the Laxmi Mittal group, well known in this region for having turned around a sinking steel company in Trinidad The Indian presence in Mexico has been greatly appreciated as fifty other business ventures have invested around US$158 billion in the country around 1994 to 2000

According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, there were about 2,000 Indians living in Mexico as of March 20115

Indian culture in Mexicoedit

The main Indian community organisation is the Indian Women's Association of Mexico IWAMin Mexico City It celebrates important festivals and organises cultural programmes A Sai Baba temple, a Vaishnav temple, and a Gurudwara have also been constructed by Sangam Organisation in Mexico City

Notable individualsedit

  • Manabendra Nath Roy – Founder of the Mexican Communist Party
  • Rajagopal professor and researcher – expert in business and marketing at Tec de Monterrey
  • Sanjaya Rajaram – Agronomist; creator of 480 types of wheat
  • Pandurang Sadashiv Khankhoje – One of the founding fathers of the Ghadar Party
  • Catarina de San Juan Mirra – Girl brought to colonial Mexico as a slave; the "China Poblana"

See alsoedit

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chinese immigration to mexico, indian immigration to mexico letter, italian immigration to mexico, italian immigration to mexico 1860s, japanese immigration to mexico

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