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Inbox by Gmail

inbox by gmail, inbox by gmail - the inbox that works for you
Inbox by Gmail is an email app by Google for Android, iOS, as well as the browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari The app is focused on improving email productivity and organization by allowing the user to snooze messages for a later time, bundle similar emails together, and receive Google Now-style cards for things such as flight times


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Inbox was officially launched as a beta version on October 22, 2014 At first, an invitation was required to access Inbox, but on May 28, 2015, Google announced that the application is officially open to everyone with a Gmail account On June 24, 2015, Google added an "Undo Send" button to Inbox, allowing users to retract a sent email within 10 seconds of clicking "Send"


When the user logs in, Google scans the email account for important and similar information It then presents what it considers the most important parts of the email first and groups similar emails as "Bundles" that are named by type eg, "Travel" or "Updates" It also converts physical addresses into Google Maps links and airline confirmation numbers into a flight status update Users can make custom Bundles as they would make Gmail filters, and can specify the time of day to show the Bundle They can also organize emails with quick actions, such as swiping the screen to the right to archive a message, or swiping left to defer an email for another time This "snooze" function works similar to that of the Mailbox app The user can hold their finger on the screen to access bulk actions, like archiving, snoozing, or deleting emails in batches Mail is displayed chronologically, with newest messages at the top Emails can be pinned to the top of the screen as a Reminders to-do list In the bottom right corner of the screen, a red "compose" button shows recent contacts Similar to the existing Gmail app, it also displays a tab for quickly accessing Hangouts


Reviewers praised the app's visual and product design, and noted that they would use it in place of the existing Gmail app The Verge's David Pierce wrote that the app's design was easy to use, fast, "minimalist, and lovely" He noted that its abundant white space would cause issues for email power users and asked for a "compact view" At the app's launch, Pierce preferred Inbox on iOS over the dedicated Gmail app and said that Inbox "feels a lot like the future of email" CNET's Sarah Mitroff similarly praised Inbox as Google's "new killer email app", and planned to use the app over Gmail in the future She added that Inbox followed Google's Material design introduced with Android Lollipop


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