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In Custody (1993 film)

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In Custody/Muhafiz 1993 is a film by Merchant Ivory Productions It was directed by Ismail Merchant, with a screenplay by Anita Desai and Shahrukh Husain It is based upon Desai's 1984 Booker Prize nominated novel In Custody


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Plot synopsis

Deven's Om Puri position as a professor of Hindi at a local college is only a means to an end His first love is the Urdu language and in particular Urdu poetry Deven's multiple and often stymied attempts to interview the great Urdu poet, Nur Shashi Kapoor, act as a metaphor for the clash between modernization and tradition


  • Shashi Kapoor Nur
  • Sushma Seth Safiya Begum
  • Shabana Azmi Imtiaz Begum
  • Om Puri Deven
  • Tinnu Anand Murad
  • Parikshat Sahni Siddiqui
  • Amjad Khan Musician
  • Neena Gupta Sarla


  • 1993 : Tokyo Film Festival in Kyoto Official Selection nomination
  • 1994: National Film Award
    • Special Jury Award: Shashi Kapoor
    • Best Art Direction: Suresh Sawant

Musicians and vocalists

  • Sultan Khan - sarangi
  • Sunil Das - sitar
  • Ulhas Bapat - santoor
  • Ronu Majumdar - flute
  • Fazal Qureshi - tabla
  • Taufiq Qureshi - percussion
  • Pyush Kanojia - keyboard
  • Zakir Hussain - tabla
  • Sadiq Qureshi - duf


  • Suresh Wadkar, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan


External links

  • In Custody at Merchant Ivory Productions
  • Film review - New York Times Archives
  • Interview with Ismail Merchant which provides background and context for the story
  • In Custody / Muhafiz on IMDb

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