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iamamiwhoami is the electronic music and audiovisual project of Swedish musician and singer-songwriter Jonna Lee in collaboration with her long-time music producer Claes Björklund The project has since 2009 released audiovisual series on their Youtube channel followed by a large international audience Their latest release is their third audiovisual album BLUE November 2014 and the online live concert installation Concert In Blue in September 2015 Visual collaborators of the project include Swedish directors collective Wave, consisting of Jonna Lee, cinematographer John Strandh

Their videos in particular have spread virally, and the project is notable not only for its artistic multimedia output, but also the creators' leveraging of YouTube and viral videos to disseminate their music and music videos, garnering a cult following In 2010, Lee founded a label for iamamiwhoami, To whom it may concern, which she runs

Since December 2009, iamamiwhoami's music videos have been released in several series' on the project's YouTube channel whilst their music is available through online retail digital download Running from an initial set of prelude videos to a series of full length songs, the videos and songs form a continuous story about Lee's protagonist lead role iamamiwhoami released their first physical album, the "audiovisual album" kin in 2012, while the initial full-length series bounty 2010 was released in physical edition in June 2013 By May 2013 a total of 24 videos have been released on iamamiwhoami's YouTube channel To date, the project has also remixed songs for Moby and the Irrepressibles, as well as performing live in concert tours revolving around the releases of kin, bounty and BLUE An online performance art "concert" in support of the bounty series was streamed online in 2010, taking place in a forest On April 29, 2015, a second online performance art "concert" in support of the BLUE series was streamed online; this "concert" was released physically and digitally in September 2015 as Concert In Blue, and includes the first new iamamiwhoami song "The Deadlock" since 2014

In March 2017, Lee embarked on solo career as "ionnalee", stating that it is continuation of iamamiwhoami, but "the two projects will not exist simultaneously"


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    • 22 2012–13: kin
    • 23 2014–2017: BLUE and Concert In Blue
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Lee, seen performing here in 2008, developed iamamiwhoami with Björklund after the release of her second album in 2009

Musically, iamamiwhoami is the brainchild of Swedish musician and singer-songwriter Jonna Lee and her long-time music producer Claes Björklund Lee, giving an interview to Playgroundmagnet, stated that iamamiwhoami was born from "experiencing convention in its purest form," a reference to her previous releases as a solo artist Indeed, iamamiwhoami's musical and visual style is a departure from the guitar-led alternative pop that Lee had previously created, although she acknowledges that "the change is probably more apparent from an external point of view" Jonna Lee began developing iamamiwhoami in 2009 and started creating the music together with Claes Björklund in real time with their releases in 2009–10 Lee has explained they wanted it to "grow freely and the formerly by its roots and start over," envisioning the ability to "physically visualize" their songs Lee began collaborating with visual directors Robin Kempe-Bergman, Agustín Moreaux, still photographer John Strandh, and most recently, fashion and costume designer Mathieu Mirano, who are credited as part of the visual team of iamamiwhoami, and Lee has defined the collective as being herself in a "collaboration with amazing people" that she loves, also stating "iamamiwhoami is not something can shake off" The process of forming iamamiwhoami began with "a need of change" and the fact that there were songs already in development Lee has acknowledged they are working with limited means independently through her label To whom it may concern to maintain their creative freedom

Since the upload of their first video to YouTube, the project's videos and music have been continuous and operate in "real time," and each song is completed just before being made available for viewing The first upload, "Prelude 699130082451322" surfaced on YouTube in December 2009 and was the beginning of a since abstract storyline Lee has said of this process "every time a production starts, it's being released very soon after to keep the conversation with the audience in the present It's a chronological storyline of an evolution, from the very beginning up to now I think the Internet is the place where you can do that" Lee states that essentially, "the core of iamamiwhoami is our music, where the lyrics are the script for the story happening and being shared in real time Then from that, it is expanded with imagery that reflects our development and current state as part of our chronological storyline" Lee has expressed desire to break "the wall" between viewers and listeners

iamamiwhoami is widely known for its secrecy As such, Lee's participation was not confirmed until August 2011, when she began giving her first interviews regarding the project Lee has stated the project's name pronounced I am, am I, who am I was inspired by the fact that she "didn't really know what she wanted iamamiwhoami to be" Lee finds that her "identity was not hidden but neither articulated by me because what is relevant is the work we have done and the audience reflection of my identity " Although Lee acknowledges that secrecy is essential, she feels there is "a lot of communication from me all the time even though it's not literal" Although "people realised pretty quickly that was involved," she "chose not to comment on it, because just wanted people to focus on what were doing," and to speak about who she is "as an individual, doesn't feel relevant"


2009–11: First uploads and bounty

iamamiwhoami's first concert before a live audience at Way Out West portrayed their unconventional performance style and featured Lee singing to the audience on a bed made of toilet rolls The audience being filmed and projected, watching themselves during the concert The appearance continues the events in the videos of "; john" and "clump" that were released simultaneously to the Way out west performance

The first two iamamiwhoami videos were uploaded to YouTube on 4 December 2009, and were forwarded from an anonymous email account to a number of music journalists and blogs These videos continued and featured an unknown blonde woman whose face had been distorted, and displayed themes such as birthing and growth Imagery associated with the folklore of the mandragora the flowering humanoid, berries, dogs used to pull out the mandrake, and semen of a hanged man recurs throughout iamamiwhoami's videos Each of the first six clips end with a drawing of a different animal a goat, owl, whale, bee, llama, and monkey Having blogged about the videos, MTV journalist James Montgomery received a package by a messenger, which included a lock of blond hair, a piece of bark, and a pictogram of the six animals with the question "Says what" Furthering the mystery; the sixth video "23512315135–8151353383" ends with the woman whispering "Why" or "Y" Each video displayed a numerical code as part of its title When indexed into the alphabet, these spell out words such as "educational", "I am", "its me", "mandragora", "officinarum", and "welcome home" Mandragora officinarum refers to the mandrake root, which when fresh or dry may cause hallucination and grows from a hanged man's sperm In 2012, Lee revealed their aim is to "let the work be in focus and push the boundaries of convention in different forms" This initial stage of the project received positive, if skeptical reviews and many websites found themselves asking readers to guess the identity of the blonde woman within the clips iamamiwhoami was speculated to be a project of many artists, including Lady Gaga, Goldfrapp, Björk, The Knife, Trent Reznor and Christina Aguilera The number series which were highly stylized teaser videos setting the tone of the project, established several mysteries, and served to foreshadow the projects' complete songs For instance, "23512315135–8151353383" contained vocally distorted lyrics that later appeared in the later song "o" On 25 November 2017, a full version of "1311441817151811110" was released under the side project ionnalee, featuring the distorted full verse as the main chorus of the song "GONE"

The second "series" of the iamamiwhoami project began with the upload of a full song and music video titled "b," one month following the final prelude video Garnering positive reviews for its dramatic change in style and heavy use of a piano as well as vocal distortion techniques, the song was the first to be uploaded to the iTunes Store, being offered as a paid digital download on 15 March 2010 Although a "reveal" of the artist behind the moniker was anticipated, the videos showed a clearer view of Jonna Lee's face Swedish media recognized Lee However, Lee's previous North American management team Philadelphonic commented "If Jonna is involved in this, we have no knowledge of such" Despite this, her involvement in the project was eventually thought to be confirmed with the release of the video for "t", in which her face was fully revealed without any makeup or distortion to conceal her identity According to rraurlcom and MTV Brasil, "o" was directed by Viktor Kumlin, who is also the director of Lee's music video for "Something So Quiet" This proved to be false As the seven videos with letter titles were slowly released, fans gathered that the videos were likely to spell the word "bounty" Each of the seven videos begins with the corresponding sound of the animal, however, the animal sounds are not present in the released tracks The conclusion of the live performance art event "IN CONCERT" of 2010 reveals that the onomatopoeia used to represent the animals' calls can be made to approximate the pronunciation of the English word "bounty" On 7 February 2011, several registered songs on ISWC were discovered to be closely related to iamamiwhoami For example, songs titled, "Up!/Higher", "The Sound of Letting Go/Love", and "Little Hope/Sing a Song of Fire" all pertain to lyrics in iamamiwhoami's songs, "b", "o", and "y", respectively The works were registered by Lee and Claes Björklund These songs were registered around the same time as several songs from Lee's This Is Jonna Lee 2009 album

In October 2010 iamamiwhoami requested a volunteer from the audience to be presented to them with their full name through a message video No instructions followed Fans of the project set up voting polls and presented a volunteer from the YouTube community with the YouTube user name of ShootUpTheStation One month later on 16 November 2010 a live online concert was streamed on towhomitmayconcerncc where ShootUpTheStation was led through the forests of iamamiwhoami by Jonna Lee and brought to be buried and burned inside a paperbox "IN CONCERT" featured performances of both the preludes, bounty and a new song titled "" and ran at one hour and four minutes

In August 2011, iamamiwhoami played their first live show at the annual Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden After a long absence, they released the songs "; john" and "clump" which was revealed to be an epilogue to bounty As a conclusion to bounty, Bullett Media posted an interview article with iamamiwhoami for their Winter 2011 'Secrets' Issue Questions were answered strictly with sampled lyrics from the current repertoire of songs, with some additional and unknown phrases purported to be lyrics for future musical releases The article also included promotional images of iamamiwhoami, nude in the forest and posed among similar elements from "; john" and "t" The article is referenced to be written and photographed by iamamiwhoami Following their performance at Way Out West, iamamiwhoami began recording and preparing their debut studio album

bounty was critically well received, with Kathy Iandoli of MTV describing bounty as having "portrayed a flaxen, ethereal goddess twisting her way throughout nature, while other included distorted imagery that housed industrial, synthy soundscapes set on fire The combination was mysterious, yet alluring, representing a combination of horror film imagery with new age sensibilities The titles to the songs were equally vague, numbers and clusters of words The videos never fell short of several hundred thousand views – and even much greater people obviously took notice" At the Swedish Grammis held on January 2011, iamamiwhoami won their first award in the category of "Innovator of the Year" Swedish: Årets innovatör, which had been newly inaugurated An anonymous woman, later confirmed to be Nina Fors, the mother of Emil Fors, a Swedish musician who worked as production manager for the videos, received the award on their behalf and handed to the speaker an envelope with the words "To whom it may concern" taped in front The content is revealed to be an empty piece of white paper Before leaving, the woman acknowledged by saying, "Thank you That's all I can say" iamamiwhoami won an MTV O Music award in 2012 in the "Digital Genius" category

2012–13: kin

On 1 February 2012, the iamamiwhoami YouTube channel once again became active with the posting of the video "kin 20120611," which was sent to music blogs much in the same manner as the original release This continued with each successive release in the kin series It was speculated that the title of the video pertained to the date 11 June 2012, using the Gregorian big-endian dating system most common in Sweden The video was followed by the original music video in the kin series, titled "sever," later the opening track on iamamiwhoami's debut studio album The series consists of nine songs and videos, which culminates in "goods" and is a continuation of the story arc founded by the original uploads, online concert and "bounty" series Together, the videos form a collective film also titled kin which was released in CD/DVD and has been screened at several European film festivals A digital download of each song was released to retailers one day following the YouTube upload In terms of imagery, much of kin contains large hairy creatures which interact with Lee throughout the narrative, which she explained as "represent a part of me and most others Life with it is very much a delight I have experienced the consequences of living without it" The release resulted in the first interviews conducted by Lee in promotion of the album, for the first time describing the process of creating the iamamiwhoami visuals and music She referred to the making of kin in an interview with The Guardian as having been "nine months of hard labour"" Lee has also explained kin "came to life after a close encounter with the audience at the first live concert in 2011" and called herself a "proud mother"

In preparation for the release, iamamiwhoami were signed to Cooperative Music, a British group of independent labels founded by V2 Records The Italian branch of the label was the first to announce the release of the series as an album, which would be audiovisual and distributed both physically and via digital download on 11 June 2012 and originating from the project's own label, "To whom it may concern," a recurring phrase within both their videos and single artwork This coincided with the launch of the label's first official website, which had previously been used to air the original online concert It was also discovered that iamamiwhoami is managed by the London-based DEF Artist Management, whose roster includes other Swedish artists kin was released on 11 June 2012 in CD/DVD and LP/DVD format through the label's website, with the official release following on 3 September 2012

Upon release, the album generated very positive review from critics, who praised the album's ambition as a collective as well as its style, incorporating several styles of electronic music and Lee's vocals iamamiwhoami was nominated for "The Best Tease of the Past 12 Months" category by BBC Radio's 6 Music Blog Awards, with fellow contenders being Lana Del Rey, Elliphant, Battlekat, Savoir Adore and The Sound of Arrows On 2 March 2012, iamamiwhoami was declared the winner on BBC Radio by Tom Robinson, and the project received their first large airplay debut with "o" after the announcement This was followed by the release of iamamiwhoami's first airplay promotional single, "play," on 30 July 2012 iamamiwhoami won the MTV O Music Awards Digital Genius Award, fellow contenders being Amanda Palmer, Gorillaz, OK Go, Radiohead and The Flaming Lips The project embarked on a European tour for kin in 2012, playing festivals and venues across Europe

Originally produced and released in a series of singles throughout 2010-2011, bounty was released as an album on 3 June 2013 on iamamiwhoami's label To whom it may concern, distributed by Cooperative Music, a group of independent labels The first music video from bounty, titled "b", was released on 14 March 2010 on iamamiwhoami's YouTube channel, after which followed "o", "u-1", "u-2", "n", "t" and "y" Digital singles were released shortly after each music video was uploaded to YouTube The titles collectively formed the word "bounty" While it was assumed that these songs solely consisted of bounty's track list, in 2011 two more singles and music videos, "; john" and "clump" were released and were not confirmed as belonging to bounty until June 2012 when iamamiwhoami's YouTube channel grouped them into a playlist named "bounty" along with the previous tracks mentioned

On 4 December 2012, iamamiwhoami's label website To whom it may concern was updated with a note on the front page which stated "20130603 – iamamiwhoami; bounty", forecasting a physical release of the bounty series This was confirmed on the very next day when the Release section of the website displayed bounty's album cover art, along with its track list

iamamiwhoami embarked on a worldwide tour for kin and bounty in 2012-2013, including their first dates in North America

2014–2017: BLUE and Concert In Blue

On 17 January 2014 'To whom it may concern' and official networks were all updated with artwork that featured Lee in front of a waterfall beneath the title "fountain" It was confirmed as a new single and released digitally on 22 January 2014 towhomitmayconcerncc was also updated with a 'Generate' feature, a donation service in which funds were promised to "be used for creative purpose only" After the user donated, they were redirected to a page containing a gif image of a fish being released into a pond Following "fountain" were three singles "hunting for pearls", "vista" and "tap your glass" which were sporadically released on 25 February, 28 April, and 4 August respectively

On 8 July, the third audiovisual album was officially announced, titled BLUE, to be released on 10 November in exclusive physical and digital editions

On 30 April 2015, the second live album/project CD/DVD/Book was officially announced, titled Concert In Blue, to be released on 2 September 2015, in exclusive physical and digital editions As with their previous releases, Concert In Blue would be released with a picture book Concert In Blue included songs from BLUE as well as bounty and kin Concert In Blue would also see the release of the first new iamamiwhoami song since 2014 "The Deadlock", which was released as a single as well

On 24 February 2017 Jonna Lee announced the release of her new solo single under the alias "ionnalee" "SAMARITAN" was released on March 10 alongside its accompanying music video Lee also opened several new social media accounts to promote her solo endeavours When asked about the future of iamamiwhoami, she said that the new project is a continuation of the collective, albeit "the two projects will not exist simultaneously"


Title Release date Related releases
Video streaming Digital download Release Digital download
"Prelude 699130082451322-5421312091514112" 4 December 2009 2009-12-04

31 January 2010 2010-01-31

"9113669321018" 7 January 2010 2010-01-07

1 February 2010 2010-02-01

"92019135723378" 25 January 2010 2010-01-25

1 February 2010 2010-02-01

"1311441817151811110" 10 February 2010 2010-02-10
"156693914118211356155" 22 February 2010 2010-02-22
"23512315135–8151353383" 1 March 2010 2010-03-01 "o" 11 April 2010 2010-04-11
"b" 14 March 2010 2010-03-14 15 March 2010 2010-03-15 Tara Busch remix 19 April 2010 2010-04-19
"o" 12 April 2010 2010-04-12 11 April 2010 2010-04-11 Adrian Lux remix 29 April 2010 2010-04-29
"u-1" 3 May 2010 2010-05-03 3 May 2010 2010-05-03
  • The Blacksmoke Organisation remix
  • Khonnor remix
  • 9 July 2010 2010-07-09
  • 16 July 2010 2010-07-16
"u-2" 7 May 2010 2010-05-07 7 May 2010 2010-05-07
"n" 2 June 2010 2010-06-02 3 June 2010 2010-06-03 Eineinmeier remix 25 June 2010 2010-06-25
"t" 30 June 2010 2010-06-30 30 June 2010 2010-06-30 Tele Tele remix 24 September 2010 2010-09-24
"y" 4 August 2010 2010-08-04 5 August 2010 2010-08-05 Zoo Brazil remix 3 November 2010 2010-11-03
"20101001" 1 October 2010 2010-10-01
"20101104" 4 November 2010 2010-11-04 IN CONCERT; "" 4 December 2010 2010-12-04
IN CONCERT 16 November 2010 2010-11-16 4 December 2010 2010-12-04
  • IN CONCERT; "U-1"
  • IN CONCERT; "U-2"
  • IN CONCERT; ""
4 December 2010 2010-12-04
"; john" 15 May 2011 2011-05-15 16 May 2011 2011-05-16 "+46 702 888 037"
"clump" 31 July 2011 2011-07-31 1 August 2011 2011-08-01
"kin 20120611" 1 February 2012 2012-02-01
"sever" 14 February 2012 2012-02-14 15 February 2012 2012-02-15
"drops" 28 February 2012 2012-02-28 29 February 2012 2012-02-29
"good worker" 13 March 2012 2012-03-13 14 March 2012 2012-03-14
"play" 27 March 2012 2012-03-27 28 March 2012 2012-03-28
"in due order" 10 April 2012 2012-04-10 11 April 2012 2012-04-11
"idle talk" 24 April 2012 2012-04-24 25 April 2012 2012-04-25
"rascal" 8 May 2012 2012-05-08 9 May 2012 2012-05-09
"kill" 22 May 2012 2012-05-22 23 May 2012 2012-05-23
"goods" 5 June 2012 2012-06-05 6 June 2012 2012-06-06
kin kin DVD exclusive kin DVD exclusive 11 June 2012 2012-06-11
bounty bounty DVD exclusive bounty DVD exclusive 3 June 2013 2013-06-03
"fountain" 21 January 2014 2014-01-21 22 January 2014 2014-01-22
"hunting for pearls" 26 February 2014 2014-02-26 25 February 2014 2014-02-25
"vista" 28 April 2014 2014-04-28 28 April 2014 2014-04-28
"tap your glass" 4 August 2014 2014-08-04 4 August 2014 2014-08-04
"blue blue" 5 September 2014 2014-09-05 5 September 2014 2014-09-05
"thin" 2 October 2014 2014-10-02 1 October 2014 2014-10-01
"chasing kites" 2 October 2014 2014-10-02 1 October 2014 2014-10-01
"ripple" 18 November 2014 2014-11-18 10 November 2014 2014-11-10
"the last dancer" 4 December 2014 2014-12-04 10 November 2014 2014-11-10
"shadowshow" 22 December 2014 2014-12-22 10 November 2014 2014-11-10
BLUE BLUE DVD exclusive BLUE DVD exclusive 15 February 2015 2015-02-15
"dive" BLUE DVD exclusive BLUE DVD exclusive 15 February 2015 2015-02-15
Concert In Blue 2 September 2015 2015-09-02 2 September 2015 2015-09-02
"SAMARITAN" 10 March 2017 2017-03-10 10 March 2017 2017-03-10
"NOT HUMAN" 2 June 2017 2017-06-02 2 June 2017 2017-06-02
"SIMMER DOWN" TBA TBA 6 October 2017 2017-10-06
"GONE" 23 November 2017 2017-11-23 24 November 2017 2017-11-24
"DUNES OF SAND" featuring Jamie Irrepressible TBA TBA 18 January 2018 2018-01-18
"JOY" 1 February 2018 2018-02-01 1 February 2018 2018-02-01
iamamiwhoami MTV O Music Awards Innovative Artist Nominated
iamamiwhoami MTV O Music Awards Best Web-Born Artist Nominated
2012 iamamiwhoami BBC Radio 6 Music Best Tease of the Past 12 Months Won
iamamiwhoami MTV O Music Awards Digital Genius Won
2013 Robin Kempe-Bergman: "drops" Grammis Årets musikvideo Music Video of the Year Nominated


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My Everything (The Grace song)

"My Everything" was Grace's 3rd single under the SM Entertainment, released on November 6, 2006 Unli...
Turkish Straits

Turkish Straits

The Turkish Straits Turkish: Türk Boğazları are a series of internationally significant waterways in...