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Hypnic jerk

hypnic jerk, hypnic jerk falling asleep
A hypnic jerk, hypnagogic jerk, sleep start, sleep twitch or night start, is an involuntary twitch which occurs just as a person is beginning to fall asleep, often causing them to awaken suddenly for a moment Physically, hypnic jerks resemble the "jump" experienced by a person when startled,1 sometimes accompanied by a falling sensation2 Hypnic jerks are associated with a rapid heartbeat, quickened breathing, sweat, and sometimes "a peculiar sensory feeling of 'shock' or 'falling into the void'"3 A higher occurrence is reported in people with irregular sleep schedules4


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According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine there is a wide range of potential causes, including anxiety, caffeine, stress and strenuous activities in the evening However, most hypnic jerks occur essentially at random in healthy people5

Another hypothesis is evolutionary, stretching back to our primate ancestors A study at the University of Colorado has suggested that a hypnic jerk could be "an archaic reflex to the brain's misinterpretation of muscle relaxation with the onset of sleep as a signal that a sleeping primate is falling out of a tree The reflex may also have had selective value by having the sleeper readjust or review his or her sleeping position in a nest or on a branch in order to assure that a fall did not occur"6

During an epilepsy and intensive care study, the lack of a preceding spike discharge measured on an epilepsy monitoring unit, along with the presence only at sleep onset, helped differentiate hypnic jerks from epileptic myoclonus7

According to a study on sleep disturbances in the Journal of Neural Transmission, a hypnic jerk occurs during the non-rapid eye movement sleep cycle and is an "abrupt muscle action flexing movement, generalized or partial and asymmetric, which may cause arousal, with an illusion of falling"8 Hypnic jerks are more frequent in childhood with 4–7 per hour at the age ranging from 8 to 12 years old, and it decreases toward 1–2 per hour at 65 to 80 years old8

See alsoedit

  • Periodic limb movement disorder
  • Rapid eye movement
  • Anxiety
  • Exploding head syndrome, a related sleep phenomenon which may result from fatigue
  • Myoclonus


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