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Hungarian parliamentary election, 1905

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Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary between 26 January and 4 February 1905 The result was a victory for the Party of Independence and '48, marking the first time the Liberal Party had lost power since 1875 Because of bad decisions after the elections, the Parliament was dissolved in 1906 Franz Joseph I of Austria ignored the result and instead of the victorious allied opposition he kept István Tisza in power, and then on 18 June he nominated baron Géza Fejérváry mashal the captain of his Hungarian bodyguards as acting Prime Minister, which deepened the crisis


Party Seats % Parliamentary role
Party of Independence and '48 165 39,95% government
Liberal Party 159 38,50% opposition
Dissidents1 from the Liberal Party 27 6,54% government
Catholic People Party 25 6,05% government
New Party 13 3,15% government
independent 10 2,42% independent
Romanian National Party 8 1,94% opposition
Democratic Party 2 0,48% government
Socialists 2 0,48% opposition
Serb National Party 1 0,24% opposition
Slovak National Party 1 0,24% opposition
Total 413 100%

1: The 27 MP left the Liberal Party led by Gyula Andrássy JR At the end of 1905 they founded the National Constitutional Party

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Hungarian parliamentary election, 1905

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Hungarian parliamentary election, 1905
Hungarian parliamentary election, 1905
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