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House of Nassau-Weilburg

house of nassau-weilburg
The House of Nassau-Weilburg, a branch of the House of Nassau, ruled a division of the County of Nassau, which was a state in what is now Germany, then part of the Holy Roman Empire, from 1344 to 1806

On July 17, 1806, on the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, the counties of Nassau-Usingen and Nassau-Weilburg both joined the Confederation of the Rhine Under pressure from Napoleon both counties merged to become the Duchy of Nassau on August 30, 1806, under joint rule of Prince Frederick August of Nassau-Usingen and his younger cousin Prince Frederick William of Nassau-Weilburg As Frederick August had no heirs he agreed that Frederick William should become sole ruler after his death However Frederick William died from a fall on the stairs at Weilburg Castle on 9 January 1816 and it was his son William who later became duke of a unified Nassau

The sovereigns of this house afterwards governed the Duchy of Nassau until 1866, and since 1890 they have governed the nation of Luxembourg The House of Nassau-Weilburg became extinct in the male line with the death of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg in 1985

The reigning house of Luxembourg retained Nassau-Weilburg as its official name Since the death of the Grand Duchess, the House of Nassau-Weilburg is a cadet branch male-line descendants of the House of Bourbon-Parma1


  • 1 Religion
  • 2 Sovereigns from the House of Nassau-Weilburg
    • 21 Nassau
      • 211 Counts of Nassau-Weilburg
      • 212 Princely counts of Nassau-Weilburg
      • 213 Dukes of Nassau
    • 22 Grand Dukes of Luxembourg
  • 3 Family Tree
  • 4 References


Grand Dukes of Luxembourg, Guillaume IV and Adolphe, were Protestants; the religion of the House of Nassau, changed after Guillaume's marriage to Marie Anne of Portugal, who was Roman Catholic

Sovereigns from the House of Nassau-Weilburgedit

Princely County of Nassau-Weilburg
Gefürstete Grafschaft Nassau-Weilburg
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Flag Coat of arms
Nassau-Weilburg as in 1789
Capital Not specified
Government Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
   Established 1344
   Raised to princely county 1366
   Seized Electoral Trier
    east of Rhine
   Merged w N-Usingen
    into Nassau Duchy
30 August 1806
Preceded by Succeeded by
County of Nassau
Electorate of Trier
Duchy of Nassau


Counts of Nassau-Weilburgedit

  • 1344–71: John I
  • 1371–1429: Philip I
  • 1429–42: Philip II and John II
  • 1442–92: Philip II
  • 1492–1523: Louis I
  • 1523–59: Philip III
  • 1559–93: Albrecht
  • 1559–1602: Philip IV
  • 1593–1625: Louis II
  • 1625–29: William Louis, John IV and Ernst Casimir
  • 1629–55: Ernst Casimir
  • 1655–75: Frederick
  • 1675–88: John Ernst

Princely counts of Nassau-Weilburgedit

  • 1688–1719: John Ernst
  • 1719–53: Charles August
  • 1753–88: Charles Christian
  • 1788–1816: Frederick William
  • 1816: William

Dukes of Nassauedit

  • 1816–39: William
  • 1839–66: Adolphe

Grand Dukes of Luxembourgedit

Main article: List of Grand Dukes of Luxembourg
  • 1890–1905: Adolphe
  • 1905–12: William IV
  • 1912–19: Marie-Adélaïde
  • 1919–64: Charlotte
  • 1964–2000: Jean
  • 2000–present: Henri

Family Treeedit

Compiled from Wikipedia and:23

    For ancestors of the
House of Nassau-Weilburg
House of Nassau family tree'
    John III
1441 +1480
Count of Nassau-Weilburg

    Louis I
1473 +1523
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
    Philip III
1504 +1559
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
1537 +1593
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
    Philip IV
1542 +1602
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
in Saarbrucken

  Louis II
1565 +1627
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
in Ottweiler
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
in Weilburg
    John Casimir
1577 +1602
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
in Gleiberg
  William Louis
1590 +1640
Count of Nassau-Saarbrücken

1603 +1677
Count of Nassau-Idstein

Counts of Nassau-Idstein
                  Ernest Casimir
1607 +1655
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
  John Louis
1625 +1690
Count of Nassau-Ottweiler

ext 1728
    Gustav Adolph
1632 +1677
Count of Nassau-Saarbrücken

ext 1723
1635 +1702
Count & Prince of Nassau-Usingen

ext 1816
1640 +1675
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
                                John Ernst
1664 +1719
Count & Prince of Nassau-Weilburg
                      Charles August
1685 +1753
Prince of Nassau-Weilburg
        Charles Ernst
Prince of Nassau-Weilburg
                      Charles Christian
1735 +1788
Prince of Nassau-Weilburg
  Princess Carolina of Orange-Nassau
1743 +1787
                        Frederick William
1768 +1816
Prince of Nassau-Weilburg
1792 +1839
Duke of Nassau

1817 +1905
Duke of Nassau 1839-1866
Grand Duke of Luxembourg

                      Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg


  1. ^ https://wwwacademiaedu/25907933/The_House_of_Nassau_between_France_and_Independence_1795_1814_Lesser_Powers_Strategies_of_Conflict_Resolution_Dynastic_Networks
  2. ^ Louda, Jiri; Maclagan, Michael December 12, 1988, "Netherlands and Luxembourg, Table 33", Heraldry of the Royal Families of Europe 1st US ed, Clarkson N Potter, Inc; 
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— Royal house — House of Nassau-Weilburg
New dynasty
partitioned from Cty of Nassau
Ruling house of Nassau-Weilburg
Nassau-Weilburg merged in
Ducal Nassau ruled by the
House of Nassau-Usingen
Preceded by
House of Nassau-Usingen
Ruling house of the Duchy of Nassau
Nassau annexed by Prussia
Preceded by
House of Orange-Nassau
Ruling house of Luxembourg
Succeeded by

Cadet branch of
House of Bourbon-Parma

house of nassau-weilburg

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House of Nassau-Weilburg

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