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House of Malatesta

house of malatesta trattoria, house of malatesta's carnival of blood
The House of Malatesta was an Italian family that ruled over Rimini from 1295 until 1500, as well as in different periods other lands and towns in Romagna

Malatesta da Verucchio d 1312, a Guelph leader, became podestà chief magistrate of Rimini in 1239 and made himself sole master of the city after the expulsion of the family's Ghibelline rivals, the Parcitadi, in 1295

His hunchback son Giovanni Malatesta is chiefly famous because he murdered his wife Francesca da Polenta and younger brother Paolo in 1285, having discovered them in adultery, and the murder is recorded in Dante's Inferno

In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the Malatestas ruled over a number of cities in the Romagna and the Marche, including Pesaro, Fano, Cesena, Fossombrone and Cervia

Several Malatestas were condottieri at the service of various Italian states The most famous was Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, who was engaged in conflict with the papacy over territorial claims His grandson Pandolfo was eventually expelled from Rimini in 1500 by Cesare Borgia and the city was finally incorporated in the Papal States in 1528, after the last failed attempt of Pandolfo's son, Sigismondo


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Malatesta Familyedit

  • 1 Malatesta dalla Penna d1248
  • 2 Malatesta da Verucchio d1312 son of 1 - Lord of Rimini, 1295

1st generation:

  • 3 Malatestino 'dell Occhio' d1316 son of 2 - Lord of Rimini, 1312
  • 4 Paolo 'il Bello' d1285 son of 2 - murdered by 5
  • 5 Giovanni 'Gianciotto' d1304 son of 2
  • 6 Pandolfo I d1326 son of 2 - Lord of Rimini, 1317

2nd generation:
di Malatestino:

  • 7 Ferrantino d1353 son of 3 - Lord of Rimini, 1326, deposed & imprisoned by 11, 1334

di Paolo:

  • 8 Uberto, Count of Giaggolo d1323 son of 4 - murdered by 9

di Giancotto

  • 9 Ramberto d1330 son of 5 - murdered by 14
  • 10 Guido the Archpriest d1334 son of 5

di Pandolfo:

  • 11 Malatesta II 'Guastafamiglia' d1364 son of 6 - Lord of Pesaro, 1326; and Rimini, 1334
  • 12 Galeotto I d1385 son of 6 - Lord of Rimini,&c

3rd generation:
di Ferrantino:

  • 13 Pandolfino d son of 7
  • 14 Malatestino Novello d1335 son of 7 - imprisoned & prob murdered by 11

di Malatesta:

  • 15 Malatesta 'Ungaro' d 1364 son of 11 - Lord of Jesi
  • 16 Pandolfo II d1373 son of 11 - Lord of Pesaro

di Galeotto:

  • 17 Carlo of Rimini son of 12 - Lord of Rimini
  • 18 Pandolfo III of Fano d1427 son of 12 - Lord of Fano
  • 19 Andrea of Cesena son of 12 d1416 - Lord of Cesena
  • 20 Galeotto II of Cervia son of 12 d - Lord of Cervia

4th generation

di Pandolfino:

  • 21 Ferrantino Novello d1352 son of 13
  • 22 Guido d1334 son of 13 - imprisoned & prob murdered by 11

See alsoedit

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  • Condottieri


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