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House of Grimaldi

house of grimaldi, house of grimaldi family tree
The House of Grimaldi is associated with the history of the Republic of Genoa, Italy and of the Principality of Monaco

Prince's Palace of Monaco Part of a series on the
History of Monaco
  • Rock of Monaco
  • House of Grimaldi
    List of rulers
  • Monegasque Revolution
  • Monaco succession crisis of 1918
  • Franco-Monegasque Treaties
        Otto Canella
        Grimaldo Canella
        Oberto Grimaldi
    Grimaldo   Ingo
    Lanfranco   Luca
    Rainier I
Lord of Monaco
    Charles I
Lord of Monaco
    Rainier II
Lord of Monaco
    Jean I
Lord of Monaco
Lord of Antibes
Lord of Monaco
Lord of Antibes
Lady of Monaco
Lord of Monaco
Jean II
Lord of Monaco
Lord of Monaco
Regent of Monaco
        Honore I
Lord of Monaco
    Charles II
Lord of Monaco
Lord of Monaco
            Honoré II
Prince of Monaco
Marquis of Baux
            Louis I
Prince of Monaco
            Antoine I
Prince of Monaco
Princess of Monaco
  Jacques I
Prince of Monaco
                Honoré III
Prince of Monaco
                Honoré IV
Prince of Monaco
            Honoré V
Prince of Monaco
  Florestan I
Prince of Monaco
                    Charles III
Prince of Monaco
                    Albert I
Prince of Monaco
                    Louis II
Prince of Monaco
Princess of Monaco
                    Rainier III
Prince of Monaco
                    Albert II
Prince of Monaco

Select list of Grimaldisedit

Rainier I Grimaldi 1267-1314 Elena Grimaldi, as painted by Anthony van Dyck, c 1623 Albert II, Prince of Monaco
  • Grimaldo Canella, consul of the Republic of Genoa, founder of this House
  • Hubert Grimaldi, first to bear the Grimaldi patronymic name
  • Luca Grimaldi, troubadour and podestà of Milan and Ventimiglia
  • Rainier I, lord of Cagnes, admiral of France
  • Charles I, lord of Monaco, Cagnes, and Menton
  • Anthony, lord of Monaco, admiral of Genoa
  • Luc and Marc Grimaldi of Antibes, lords of Menton, Cagnes, and Antibes
  • Lamberto Grimaldi and Claudia of Monaco
  • Augustin, archbishop
  • Nicolas, prince of Salerno
  • Louis I, prince of Monaco, ambassador of Louis IV
  • Girolamo died 1543 Created a Cardinal in 1527 He married Francisca Cattaneo of Genoese and had five children After her death he entered holy orders He was a Senator of Genoa
  • Domenico, Archbishop of Avignon and uncle of Girolamo Grimaldi-Cavalleroni see below
  • Girolamo 1597–1683 Cardinal and Archbishop of Aix
  • Elena Grimaldi, painted by Anthony van Dyck
  • Girolamo 1674–1733 Created a Cardinal 1731
  • Alexander, doge of Genoa
  • John Baptist, doge of Genoa
  • Peter Francis, doge of Genoa
  • Honoré II, Prince of Monaco 1597–1662
  • Jacques François Leonor Grimaldi - Prince of Monaco and father of Honoré III, Prince of Monaco
  • Nicola 1645–1717 Created cardinal deacon in the consistory of May 17, 1706
  • Louise-Hippolyte, Princess of Monaco - mother of Honoré III, Prince of Monaco
  • Honoré III, Prince of Monaco 1720–1795
  • Honoré IV, Prince of Monaco 1758–1819
  • Honoré V, Prince of Monaco 1778–1841
  • Florestan I, Prince of Monaco 1785–1856
  • Charles III, Prince of Monaco 1818–1889
  • Albert I, Prince of Monaco 1848–1922
  • Louis II, Prince of Monaco 1870–1949
  • Prince Pierre de Grimaldi, Count of Polignac 1895–1964
  • Rainier III, Prince of Monaco 1923–2005
  • Caroline Louise Marguerite Grimaldi born 1957
  • Albert II, Prince of Monaco born 1958
  • Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi born 1965
  • Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco born 2014
  • Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès born 2014


Further readingedit

  • Edwards, Anne The Grimaldis of Monaco William Morrow, 1992
  • Maclaga, Michael and Louda, Jiri LINES OF SUCCESSION; Heraldry of the Royal Families of Europe MacDonald & Co, 1981; Little, Brown & Co, 1999; Time Warner Books, UK, 2002 ISBN 0-7607-3287-6
  • Maurizio Ulino, L'Età Barocca dei Grimaldi di Monaco nel loro Marchesato di Campagna, Giannini editore, Napoli 2008 ISBN 978-88-7431-413-3

See alsoedit

  • Line of succession to the Monegasque throne
  • Grimaldi Industri AB
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  • House of Goyon de Matignon
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External linksedit

  • Grimaldi family tree
  • Grimaldi Family of Sicily
  • Marek, Miroslav "Detailed Grimaldi Genealogy" GenealogyEU 

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