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House of Dragoș

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The House of Dragoș,1 also known as the House of Drăgoșești23 Hungarian: Drágfy , Drágffy, Drágffi was founded by Dragoș45 also known as Dragoș Vodă6 or Dragoș of Bedeu7, who was traditionally been considered the first ruler4 or prince of Moldavia and who was Voivode in Maramureş8


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Notable membersedit

  • Dragoș, Voivode of Moldavia
  • Sas of Moldavia
  • Giula of Giulești
  • Balc of Moldavia
  • Bartolomeu Dragfi
  • Drág, Count of the Székelys
  • Bertalan Drágffy, Count of the Székelys
  • John Drágfi

Family descendantsedit

Currently the family descendants live in Romania Maramureș County and Oaș Country of Satu Mare County, also in Poland, Ukrainecitation needed

Coat of armsedit


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Princely House of Dragoș Drăgoșești
New title Ruling House of Moldavia
1345 – 1364
Succeeded by
House of Bogdan-Mușat
Preceded by
Ruling House of Transylvania
1493 – 1499
Succeeded by

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