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Hollywood Split

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US 101
SR 134

SR 170 Construction Maintained by: Caltrans Map

The Hollywood Split officially Bruce T Hinman Memorial Interchange is a freeway interchange in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California The interchange is officially named in the memory of California Highway Patrol officer Bruce T Hinman, who was killed by a drunk driver It is the interchange of the following routes:

  • US 101 Ventura Freeway/Hollywood Freeway – Ventura, Los Angeles
  • SR 134 east Ventura Freeway – Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena
  • SR 170 north Hollywood Freeway – Sacramento


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The interchange is the western terminus of SR 134 and the southern terminus of SR 170 and is also known as the interchange of the Hollywood Freeway and the Ventura Freeway1 Motorists, especially visitors and newcomers to the Los Angeles area, find the interchange confusing for a number of reasons

The Hollywood Freeway runs north-south through the interchange, while the Ventura Freeway runs east-west; however, the numerical designations of these roads change as they pass through the interchange: the name "Hollywood Freeway" is attributed to US 101 south of the interchange and SR 170 north of the interchange, while "Ventura Freeway" is attributed to US 101 west of the interchange and SR 134 east of the interchange Thus, a motorist following US 101 must change cardinal directions, while a motorist following the Hollywood Freeway does not

The Ventura Freeway segment of US 101 has an east–west alignment, but is signed as a north–south highway Throughout the San Fernando Valley, the same onramp may be signed as both 101 North and 101 West or 101 South/101 East Taken as a whole, this interchange can be considered part of a wrong-way concurrency

The freeways' acute intersecting angles make the interchange not permit motorists entering the interchange to exit in all possible directions of travel For example, motorists approaching the interchange on northbound US 101 may continue westbound "northbound" on US 101 or northbound on SR 170 but not to eastbound SR 1342


The interchange is officially dedicated as the "Bruce T Hinman Memorial Interchange" Hinman was a motorcycle officer with the California Highway Patrol who was killed by a drunk driver while assisting a stranded motorist at the interchange in 19953

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  • CA-Highways Names highway structures

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