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Højer German:Hoyer, North Frisian Huuger, is a town with a population of over 1,174 1 January 2019[1], which was the seat of the former Højer municipality in south Denmark, in Region of Southern Denmark on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula The municipality covered an area of 117 km2, and had a total population of 2,861 2005 Its last mayor was Peter Christensen, a member of the Social Democrats Socialdemokraterne political party

The coastal area of the former municipality is a nature reserve

The municipality was created in 1970 due to a kommunalreform "Municipality Reform" that combined a number of existing parishes:

  • Daler Parish
  • Emmerlev Parish
  • Hjerpsted Parish
  • Højer Parish

On 1 January 2007 Højer municipality ceased to exist due to Kommunalreformen "The Municipality Reform" of 2007 It was merged with Bredebro, Løgumkloster, Nørre-Rangstrup, Skærbæk, and Tønder municipalities to form the new Tønder Municipality This created a municipality with an area of 1,352 km2 and a total population of 42,645 2005


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  1. ^ BY3: Population 1st January, by urban areas The Mobile Statbank from Statistics Denmark

External links

  • Tønder municipality's official website in Danish

Further reading

  • Municipal statistics: NetBorger Kommunefakta, delivered from KMD aka Kommunedata Municipal Data
  • Municipal mergers and neighbors: Eniro new municipalities map

Coordinates: 54°58′N 8°43′E / 54967°N 8717°E / 54967; 8717

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