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Historiography of Japan

historiography of japan
Historiography of Japan is a term for the study of the methodology and development of "history" as an academic subject in Japan The term also means the evolving list of historical works which have been written over the course of centuries


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History of Japan

The process of compiling a written history of Japan began in the seventh century The most important of the early works are the Rikkokushi or six national histories which were written in the 9th century1 The strategies for writing history changed over time The earliest works were created by Imperial edict In 1793, the Tokugawa shogunate established the Institute for Japanese Studies Wagaku Kôdansho2 In 1869, Emperor Meiji issued an Imperial rescript which explained the importance of historiography:

Historiography is a for ever immortal state ritual taiten and a wonderful act of our ancestors But after the Six National Histories it was interrupted and no longer continued Now the evil of misrule by the warriors since the Kamakura period has been overcome and imperial government has been restored Therefore we wish that an office of historiography shikyoku be established, that the good custom of our ancestors be resumed 3

In 1929, the Meiji period office of historiography was renamed the Historiographical Institute Shiryo Hensan-jo2

Selected worksedit

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries


  • Kojiki, 7124
  • Nihon Shoki, 7205
  • Gukanshō, c 1220—historical argument, Buddhist perspective6
  • Shaku Nihongi, 13th century—an annotated version for Nihon Shoki7
  • Jinnō Shōtōki, 1359—historical argument, Shinto perspective8
  • Nihon Ōdai Ichiran, 1652—historical argument, neo-Confucian perspective9
  • Tokushi Yoron, 1712—historical argument, rationalist perspective10
  • Dai Nihon Shiryō, overview of records between the years 887 and 186711

Partially or completely lostedit

  • Kokki, 61212
  • Tennōki, 62013
  • Teiki, 68114
  • Iki no Hakatoko no Sho, a historical record used as a reference in the compilation of Nihon Shoki15

See alsoedit

  • Chinese historiography
  • Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo
  • International Research Center for Japanese Studies
  • Japanese Historical Text Initiative
  • Historiography
  • Philosophy of history


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Further readingedit

  • Brownlee, John S 1997 Japanese historians and the national myths, 1600-1945: The Age of the Gods and Emperor Jimmu Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press ISBN 0-7748-0644-3 Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press ISBN 4-13-027031-1
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External linksedit

  • The International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography ICHTH

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