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Hillsborough Park

hillsborough park and recreation, hillsborough parks
Hillsborough Park is a large parkland area in Hillsborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England The park was created in 1897 by the Dixon Family, who lived at Hillsborough Hall It is now owned by Sheffield City Council and the hall is used as a library

Hillsborough's Walled Garden

Hillsborough Park features a fishing lake, a bowling green with pavilion, a walled garden and a playground The bowling green and pavilion Hillsborough Pavilion are undergoing regenerative work to extend the pavilion, to make it available for further use A lot of work has been put into the walled garden to bring it to its present state with planting to replace dead plants

The park has previously been home to Sheffield FC and now hosts the home matches of Hillsborough Hawks rugby league club It is also the home of the Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield running club There is a Civil War reenactment every year as well as the Sheffield Mayfest Hillsborough Park has its own tram stop on the Yellow Line of the Sheffield Supertram

Preceding station   Sheffield Supertram   Following station
Hillsborough Interchange
towards Meadowhall Interchange
  Yellow Line   Leppings Lane
towards Middlewood

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  • Sheffield's Park, Woodlands & Countryside

Coordinates: 53°24′29″N 1°30′05″W / 534080°N 15014°W / 534080; -15014

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Hillsborough Park

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