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Hillsborough Interchange

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Hillsborough Interchange is a bus and tram interchange in Hillsborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

It serves a variety of operators including First South Yorkshire, Stagecoach Sheffield, Sheffield Supertram and Sheffield Community Transport It is staffed between 07:00–19:00 Monday to Saturday, has 6 stands with over 22 bus services and 2 tram services There is a covered waiting area by the city bound tram stop and stand H4 There is also a digital help point beside stand H4


The area currently occupied by the bus station used to be a Total Garage Services that used to terminate at Malin Bridge and Forbes Road were diverted into the Interchange, and services that used to stop farther up the road by Hillsborough Barracks near the old Officer Mess building now the headquarters for Sheffield Insulations Ltd were changed to stop at the Interchange


Hillsborough Interchange is located in between Hillsborough bus gate and Hillsborough Barracks The tram stop of Malin Bridge and Middlewood platform is in front of a Chinese takeaway, and The Rawson Spring public house and the Halfway and Meadowhall Interchange platform are opposite

The bus station is adjacent to the travel centre and the barracks on Sheffield bound side of the road Stand H1 is adjacent to but set back from Langsett road and is the biggest of all the stands Stand H2 and H3 are in line with this and further back respectively Stand H4 and H5 have the same continuous shelter and run at 45 degrees from the travel centre to the cycle parking at rear of the bus station Stand H6 is perpendicular stands H1, H2 and H3

Service patternedit

Hillsborough has a complicated pattern of services First South Yorkshire's services 11, 12, 13, 14, 20 & 20A are all part of its Overground network, which means they are almost always low floor Services 11 & 12 Pink Line form an every 8 minute frequency over the core section of the route from Stanwood to Sheffield Whereas services 13 & 14 Turquoise Line and services 20 & 20A form a 10-minute frequency over the core sections of the route, Wisewood-Woodhouse and Hillsborough-Heeley respectively

Service 17 forms part of the North Sheffield Quality Bus Corridor Agreement which means this is also almost always a low floor bus In the off peak times, Stagecoach in Sheffield operates services 57A & 58 to Stocksbridge In the peak times it links buses to the yellow route tram terminus of Middlewood on the same frequency as the trams giving it a week-long service to Stocksbridge

Preceding station   Sheffield Supertram   Following station
Bamforth Street
towards Meadowhall Interchange
  Yellow Line   Hillsborough Park
towards Middlewood
Bamforth Street
towards Halfway
  Blue Line   Malin Bridge

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