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Hideki Shirakawa

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Hideki Shirakawa 白川 英樹 Shirakawa Hideki, born in Tokyo on August 20, 1936 is a Japanese chemist and winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of conductive polymers together with physics professor Alan J Heeger and chemistry professor Alan G MacDiarmid at the University of Pennsylvania


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Shirakawa with Yoshirō Mori at the Prime Minister's Official Residence on October 18, 2000

1936 Born in Tokyo, in the family of a military doctor Around third grade, he moved to Takayama, Gifu, which is the hometown of his mother

1961 Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo Tech, Chemical engineering department in the School of Science and Engineering

1966 Received doctorate from Chemical engineering department in Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Tokyo Tech Obtained the post of assistant in Chemical Resources Laboratory at Tokyo Tech

1976 Post-doctoral researcher in the University of Pennsylvania, USA with invitation by Alan MacDiarmid

1979 Assistant professor in University of Tsukuba, Japan

1982 Professor in University of Tsukuba, Japan

1991 Chief of Science and Engineering Department of Graduate School in University of Tsukuba, Japan - March,1993

1994 Chief of Category #3 group in University of Tsukuba, Japan -March,1997


Emperor Akihito conferred the Order of Culture on Shirakawa at the Imperial Palace on November 3, 2000

While employed as an assistant at Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo Tech in Japan, he developed polyacetylene, which has a metallic appearance This result interested Alan MacDiarmid when MacDiarmid visited TITech in 1975

In 1976, he was invited to work in the laboratory of Alan MacDiarmid as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania The two developed the electrical conductivity of polyacetylene along with American physicist Alan Heeger12

In 1977 they discovered that doping with iodine vapor could enhance the conductivity of polyacetylene The three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2000 in recognition of the discovery With regard to the mechanism of electric conduction, it is strongly believed that nonlinear excitations in the form of solitons play a role

Awards and honorsedit

  • 1983 The Award of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan
  • 2000 SPSJ Award for Outstanding Achievement in Polymer Science and Technology
  • 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • 2000 Order of Culture and selected as Person of Cultural Merit
  • 2000 Professor Emeritus of the University of Tsukuba
  • 2001 Special Award of the Chemical Society of Japan


One of his relatives, Hitomi Yoshizawa, is a member of the singing group Morning Musume Morning Girls He is also related to Naoko Takahashi, the women's marathon gold medalist of the 2000 Summer Olympics

See alsoedit

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  2. ^ "The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2000: Alan Heeger, Alan G MacDiarmid, Hideki Shirakawa" 


  • Biographical snapshots: Hideki Shirakawa, Journal of Chemical Education web site
  • Shirakawa, Hideki 2001 "The discovery of polyacetylene film" Synthetic Metals 125: 3–10 doi:101016/S0379-67790100507-0 
  • Shirakawa, H 2001 "Nobel Lecture: The discovery of polyacetylene film-the dawning of an era of conducting polymers" PDF Reviews of Modern Physics 73 3: 713–718 Bibcode:2001RvMP73713S doi:101103/RevModPhys73713 permanent dead link

External linksedit

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  • Nobel Prize Lecture
  • Official Homepage in Japanese
  • Alan MacDiarmid on Winning

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