Hermann Grab
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Hermann Grab

Hermann Grab 6 May 1903 – 2 August 1949 was a Bohemian German-language writer


  • 1 Early years
  • 2 Life in Prague and writer work
  • 3 Exile in USA and death
  • 4 Works of Hermann Grab
  • 5 Secondary Literature
  • 6 References

Early yearsedit

Hermann was born into a wealthy aristocratic family of Jewish origin in Prague, Bohemian Kingdom an old name of today's Czech Republic Although his parents were formally Jewish, Hermann and his brother were educated as Catholics Hermann studied at the German Gymnasium Na Prikopech Prague and then entered German Charles-Ferdinand University Later he studied at universities in Berlin, Heidelberg and Vienna In 1927, he received a PhD in philosophy in Heidelberg and in 1928 a PhD in law in his home-town Prague

Life in Prague and writer workedit

After short juridical praxis, Grab became a music teacher and music-critic of Prager Montagsblatt In 1934, he published the first of his short stories in Prague magazines and in 1935 his first book Der Stadtpark, a Prague novel, for its he was said to be 'Prague Proust' Joseph Strelka

Exile in USA and deathedit

After the occupation of his country by Hitler between 1938 and 1939, Grab escaped to Paris When Hitler's armies defeated France, he escaped and lost all his manuscripts through France, Spain, Portugal, and finally to the USA Hermann settled in New York City and established a small music school, married a Belgian exulant and wrote his second book Hochzeit in Brooklyn Serious illness prevented him from returning to Prague after World War II He died fully invalid in 1949 in New York and was buried at Flushing Cemetery in Flushing, Queens, New York City

Works of Hermann Grabedit

  • Der Stadtpark Town Park, novel published in Prague 1935 Prague's pre-World War I life seen by teenager
  • Hochzeit in Brooklyn Marriage in Brooklyn, a book of excellent short stories, written in 1940s, published posthumously in Vienna 1957 Some of them with Prague theme, others with New York and Lisbon theme

Secondary Literatureedit

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  • Lucy Topol’ská: Hermann Grab Biographie 1


  • Article about Grab by Lucy Topol’ská, Website of Adalbert-Stifter-Vereins

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