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Herman Dune

herman dune, herman dune i wish i could see you soon lyrics
Herman Dune originally Herman Düne is a French duo, formed in 1999 Originally a trio, the band now consists of David-Ivar Herman Dune guitars and vocals, and Néman Herman Dune drums and sometimes backing vocals Néman, who is from Switzerland, replaced former drummer Omé in early 2001 On 13 December 2006, André Herman Dune played his last show with the band, and subsequently changed his name to Stanley Brinks With Andre's departure, the umlaut was dropped from the name The band is often joined by other musicians on live performances

Some of Herman Dune's influences include: Leiber & Stoller, Chuck Berry, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Jonathan Richman and Carole King

Herman Dune have worked with several other bands and singers such as Turner Cody, Julie Doiron, Leah Hayes, Laura Hoch and the Wave Pictures

The band is often mistaken as being Swedish, probably because André and David have a Swedish mother In an interview in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet Néman says "The band is French" David continues: "Yes, the confusion about our origin is because people are good at making things up And we have never fought the rumours I lived in USA for a while, and all of a sudden the band was American"

In addition to the band's own albums, its members have worked on many side projects, including Kungen, Ben Haschish, Ben Dope, John Trawlings, Fountain Boats, Satan's Fingers, and Fast Ganz They have also played as the backing band for recordings by Julie Doiron ex-Eric's Trip and Kimya Dawson ex-Moldy Peaches Both André and David-Ivar have also released numerous solo CDs mostly self-released CDRs André and David-Ivar each contributed a song to the 2006 album by Françoiz Breut, Une Saison Volée In 2006 he did a Take-Away Show video session shot by Vincent Moon

This song 'I Wish That I Could See You Soon' was #89 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007

On March 19, 2018 it was announced via Instagram that a new album would be released May 17, 2018


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    • 11 Albums
    • 12 Singles
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  • Turn Off the Light 2000, Prohibited Records
  • They Go to the Woods 2001, Shrimper Records
  • Switzerland Heritage 2001, Prohibited Records
  • The Whys and the Hows of Herman Düne & Cerberus Shoal with Cerberus Shoal 2002, North East Indie Records
  • Mas Cambios 2003, The Track & Field Organisation
  • Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom 2003, Shrimper Records
  • Not on Top 2005, The Track & Field Organisation
  • Giant 2006, Source Etc
  • Next Year in Zion Fall 2008, Source Etc, Everloving Records, Cityslang
  • Strange Moosic May 2011, Indie Europe/Zoom
  • Mariage á Mendoza 2013, Strange Moosic/Gum


  • Money Makers on My Back 1997, self release
  • Glow in the Dark EP 1998, Ruminance Records
  • The Fire EP 2000, Prohibited Records
  • Between the Little Houses 2001, Prohibited Records
  • A Wiser Man 2004, Hype City Records
  • Jackson Heights EP 2005, The Track & Field Organisation
  • Not on top 2006, The Track & Field Organisation
  • I Wish That I Could See You Soon 2007, Source Etc
  • 1-2-3 / Apple Tree 2008, [2008, Source Etc
  • My Home Is Nowhere Without You 2008, Everloving Records
  • Tell Me Something I Don't Know 2011, Indie Europe/Zoom

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  • "Herman Dúne omgivna av myter", interview in Svenska Dagbladet, 2 January 2007 Swedish
  • Herman Düne plays with Turner Cody on 60 seasons, a compilation 2000-2005
  • Pitchfork review, I Wish That I Could See You Soon
  • 'Next Year in Zion' Song by Song descriptions by Daid-Ivar Herman Dune, November 2008


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