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Henrico County Open

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The Henrico County Open was a golf tournament on the Nationwide Tour from 1993 to 2008 It was played at The Dominion Club in Richmond, Virginia, United States

The 2008 purse was $500,000, with $90,000 going to the winner


Henrico County Open

  • 2008 Greg Chalmers
  • 2007 Nick Flanagan

Henrico County Open presented by Saxon Capital, Inc

  • 2006 Matt Kuchar
  • 2005 Chad Collins

Henrico County Open

  • 2004 Daniel Chopra
  • 2003 Mark Hensby

Greater Richmond Open

  • 2002 Patrick Moore

BUYCOM Richmond Open

  • 2001 Chad Campbell
  • 2000 Steve Runge

NIKE Dominion Open

  • 1999 Darron Stiles
  • 1998 Bob Burns
  • 1997 Jeff Julian
  • 1996 Olin Browne
  • 1995 Hugh Royer III
  • 1994 Sonny Skinner
  • 1993 Angel Franco

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  • PGATOURcom tournament website

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Henrico County Open

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