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HEAR is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing hearing loss, mainly from loud rock music The acronym stands for Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers It was founded in 1988 by rock musician Kathy Peck and physician Flash Gordon, MD1 after Kathy suffered tinnitus and hearing loss after playing with the band The Contractions

The initial funding for the organization's formation was provided by guitarist and songwriter for The Who, Pete Townshend, who also suffers from tinnitus as a result of loud volumes at Who concerts, and a particular incident during a live performance of My Generation, when drummer Keith Moon set off some explosives inside his drum kit right next to Townshend


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External linksedit

  • Official Site
  • Music Life Radio Interview with Kathy Peck – June 2012
  • NBC News Health News "Turn it Up Musicians Run Far Higher Risk of Hearing Loss" by Jonel Aleccia, April 30, 2014
  • Newsweek,"A Little Bit Louder, Please," by David Noonan, 10/11/2007
  • 1Audiology Online, "Interview with Kathy Peck," 4 October 2000
  • 2East Bay Express, "The Metronome Diary: HEARing things," by Chris Baty, 25 May 2001
  • 3Prevention, "Health Hero: Kathy Peck," by Katie Becker, 2007
  • Kathy Peck NAMM Oral History Program Interview 2008

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