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Health in France

master of public health in france, mental health in france
Average life expectancy in France at birth is 81 years12


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Healthcare issues in Franceedit

Obesity in Franceedit

Main article: Obesity in France

Even though French are among the thinner Europeans see chart below, obesity in France has been increasingly cited as a major health issue in recent years It is now considered a political issue whereas just a few years prior it would only have been an issue reported on television talk shows or in women's magazines3 There is a myth about French people not getting overweight or obese4 however France is only ranked as the 128th fattest country in the World,5 one of the lowest rank among developed countries and French food has long been studied for its healthy diet

Country Average weight BMI6 Daily Calorie Intake Source
United Kingdom 80 kg 29 2,200 7
Italy 74 kg 26 2,100
Germany 735 kg 26 2,400
France 68 kg 24 2,200

Public healthedit

France, as all EU countries, is under an EU directive to reduce sewage discharge to sensitive areas In 2006, France was only 40% in compliance, one of the lowest achieving countries in the EU with regard to this waste-water treatment standard8

See also: Water supply and sanitation in France

See alsoedit

Health care in France


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