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Hahn Horticulture Garden

hahn horticulture garden at virginia tech, hahn horticulture garden
Coordinates: 37°13′10″N 80°25′27″W / 372194°N 804243°W / 372194; -804243

Spring flowers bloom near a bridge and waterfall The multi-purpose Peggy Lee Hahn Garden Pavilion sits in the background

The Peggy Lee Hahn Horticulture Garden 7 acres, formerly the Virginia Tech Horticulture Garden, is a horticulture garden located on the Virginia Tech campus on Washington Street SW, Blacksburg, Virginia, United States The largest public garden in western Virginia, it is open daily without charge

The garden was established in 1984 by Dr Robert Lyons, Dr Richard Johnson and Robert McDuffie It was renamed in 2004 to honor Mrs Hahn and her husband, T Marshall Hahn, former president of Virginia Tech 1962-1974 All features have been built and planted by students, staff, faculty, and volunteers

Today the garden is used by students in the horticulture, landscape architecture, urban forestry, and entomology undergraduate programs More than 50 volunteer gardeners from Blacksburg, Virginia, and the surrounding area assist at the garden throughout the year Many of them fulfill their requirements with the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener program at the site

Garden features include:

  • Dwarf Conifer Display
  • Perennial Border— More than 90 species and cultivars
  • Pond — Japanese maples with beds of tender annuals
  • Shade Beds — natives and unusual woody plants from Asia and Europe
  • Stream Garden — over 20 species of bog and aquatic plants
  • Trident Maple Allee — Maples underplanted with perennials and annuals
  • Wisteria Arbor — wisteria and climbing hydrangea
  • Xeriscape Area

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