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gyöngyös, gyöngyösi állatkert
Gyöngyös ˈɟøɲɟøʃ is a town in Heves county in Hungary, 80 km 50 mi east of Budapest Situated at the foot of the Sár-hegy and Mátra mountains, it is the home of numerous food production plants, including milk production and sausage factories It is also the home of many vineyards on the slopes of the Sárhegy

The Art-Nouveau and Baroque buildings around the main square were reconstructed after a disastrous fire started in the local hospital in 1917,1 destroying a number of buildings housing important Jewish institutions and leaving in all around 8,000 homeless2


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Baroque Church of Saint Bernard of Gyöngyös

The meaning of the town's name is "Made of Pearls"; Croats from Hungary call this city Đunđuš pronounced as "Dyun-dyush" The 16-17th century historian Miklós Istvánffy wrote that the name of the town comes from the Hungarian word for mistletoe fagyöngy literally "wood-pearl", which is abundant in the local woods


Gyöngyös was home to a large Jewish community before World War II In 1942, anti-Jewish laws were adopted in the province, affecting the Jews of the town3 Following the occupation of Hungary by the German army in March 1944, 1800 Jews were locked in a ghetto Some will be saved by an Hungaria Righteous Among the Nations but most of were deported to Auschwitz and killed4

Sights to visitedit

There are many monuments and places of interest in the town, such as the Orczy mansion, home of the Mátra Museum, Saint Bartholomew's Church Saint Bartholomew Church, Gyöngyös, Hungary in the center of town, and its Treasury

Notable residentsedit

  • Gyöngyi Horváth, sociologist, conference organiser
  • Rudolph Ritter von Brudermann 1851-1941, general of Austria-Hungary during the First World War
  • Béla Kerékjártó 1898-1946, mathematician
  • Sandor Kenyeres 1949-, property developer, scientific philanthropist, and cultural visionary
  • Gedeon Richter 1872-1944, pharmacist, business magnate, philantropist, founder of Gedeon Richter plc, pioneer of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry
  • Soma Visontai 1854-, lawyer, deputy
  • Paul Vay de Vaya 1735-1800, Major General 1794, Feldmarschall-leutnant 1799-1800
  • Margit Gréczi 1941-, painter


  • Gábor Vona 1978-, politician, leader of the political party Jobbik
  • Gábor Fodor 1962-, jurist, politician, leader of the Hungarian Liberal Party
  • Pál Almásy 1818-1882, lawyer, politician, Speaker of the House of Representatives 1849
  • Károly Kamermayer 1829-1897, jurist, councillor, the first mayor of Budapest 1873-1896
  • József Balázs 1965-, politician


  • Viktor Szabó 1986-, footballer
  • Dárius Csillag 1995-, footballer
  • Dávid Ficsór 1986-, footballer
  • Gergő Gohér 1987-, footballer
  • András Herczeg 1956-, football manager, former player, manager of Debreceni VSC
  • Zsófia Kovács 1988-, professional triathlete
  • József Éles 1969-, former handball player, handball coach of the Dominican Republic women's national team
  • Attila Szekrényessy 1913-1995, pair skater
  • Gabriella Csépe 1973-, former breaststroke swimmer
  • Gabriella Csépe, Olympic swimmer
  • László Polgár 1946-, chess teacher and educational psychologist

International relationsedit

See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Hungary

Twin towns — Sister citiesedit

Gyöngyös is twinned with:

  • Pieksämäki, Finland
  • Ringsted, Denmark
  • Sanok, Poland
  • Shusha, Azerbaijan5 de facto,  Nagorno-Karabakh
  • Târgu Secuiesc, Romania
  • Zeltweg, Austria



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External linksedit

  • Gyöngyös in Hungarian at gyongyosinfo

Coordinates: 47°47′N 19°56′E / 47783°N 19933°E / 47783; 19933

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