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Gwenno Saunders

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Gwenno Mererid Saunders born 23 May 1981 is a Welsh musician She performs as a solo artist, releasing her first album Y Dydd Olaf on Heavenly Recordings in 2015 followed by her first album in Cornish in 2018, entitled Le Kov Gwenno Saunders is also a singer in the indie pop group The Pipettes


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    • 22 The Pipettes 2005–2010
    • 23 Post-The Pipettes 2010-present
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Saunders was born in Cardiff She is the daughter of noted Cornish poet and linguist Tim Saunders and Lyn Mererid, who is an activist and member of the choir Côr Cochion Caerdydd and works as a translator When growing up, her father spoke Cornish; her mother spoke Welsh

From the age of 5 she attended the Seán Éireann-McMahon Academy of Irish Dance and was a cast member of Michael Flatley's productions of Lord Of The Dance and Feet of Flames by the age of 17, playing a lead role in a Las Vegas production of the former In 2001 she had a role in the Welsh language soap opera Pobol y Cwm on S4C, for whom she would later host her own programme Ydy Gwenno'n Gallu She is fluent in Welsh and Cornish

Music career

Pre-The Pipettes 2002–2004

In the years before she joined The Pipettes, she had been a solo electropop singer, mostly in the Welsh and Cornish languages, releasing two solo EPs, Môr Hud 2002 and Vodya 2004 Saunders represented Cornwall in the Liet International song contest, 2003, and won the People's Choice Award for her performance of "Vodya" In December 2004 Gwenno filmed the song "Ysolt y'nn Gweinten" by Celtic Legend for Classic FM TV It is claimed to be the first video produced in the Cornish language, the text having been written by her father Tim Saunders with music by Cornish composer and ex Gary Numan keyboard player Chris John Payne

The Pipettes 2005–2010

Gwenno joined The Pipettes in April 2005 after founding member Julia left She is most notable for her lead vocals on the single "Pull Shapes" and the chorus of "Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me" She has more recently posted solo material to her Myspace page, and made a free download of a mini album titled U & I available in October 2007 In April 2008, Gwenno's younger sister Ani joined the Pipettes, after the departure of singers Rosay and RiotBecki Ani now also releases music with the band The Lovely Wars and solo under the name Ani Glass

Post-The Pipettes 2010-present

Gwenno has toured as a synth player with Pnau and Elton John in 2012

In June 2012, Saunders released a 5-song Welsh language EP called "Ymbelydredd", available on hand-painted cassettes on Peski Records

Gwenno appears on The Boy Least Likely To's 2013 album The Great Perhaps, contributing vocals to the track "It Could Have Been Me"

She released her first solo full-length album, the Welsh-language Y Dydd Olaf, in October 2014 on Peski Records In May 2015 Gwenno was signed to Heavenly Recordings The label re-released her debut album in July The album won Best Welsh Album at the 2015 National Eisteddfod and in November 2015 won the 2014–2015 Welsh Music Prize

Gwenno also currently co-produces and co-hosts a Welsh radio show on Cardiff Radio titled "Cam O'r Tywyllwch" "A Step Away from the Darkness" with her Peski Records colleagues The team was also behind the CAM '15 music festival in Cardiff, which took place in April 2015 and featured the first live performance in over 20 years by Welsh music post-punk pioneers Datblygu

Personal life

Saunders is married to the Welsh producer Rhys Edwards, and has one son


With The Pipettes

Year Album Chart positions
2006 We Are The Pipettes 41
2010 Earth vs The Pipettes

Solo albums

Year Name Label Format Language
Y Dydd Olaf Peski, Heavenly Digital download, CD, vinyl Welsh, Cornish
2018 Le Kov Heavenly Digital download, CD, vinyl Cornish

Solo EPs

Year Name Label Format Language
2003 Vodya Recordiau Sain Digital download Welsh
2012 Ymbelydredd Peski Digital download, cassette Welsh


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External links

  • Gwenno on Heavenly Recordings
  • Cam O'r Tywyllwch radio show page

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