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Gustav Karl Laube

gustav karl lauber, gustav karl laubenstein
Gustav Karl Laube 8 February 1839, Teplitz – 12 April 1923, Prague was a Bohemian German geologist and paleontologist

In 1871 Laube became a professor of mineralogy and geology at the technical university in Prague, and in 1876, a professor of geology and paleontology at the German Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague Here, he was also director of the geological institute

He was active in geological research of the Ore Mountains and neighbouring areas He also served as geologist of the Second German North Polar Expedition 1869-701

Written worksedit

  • Die Fauna der Schichten von St Cassian Vienna 1865–70, 5 parts – The fauna from the strata at St Cassian
  • Die Gastropoden, Bivalven und Echinodermen des braunen Jura von Balin 1867 – Gastropods, bivalves and echinoderms in the brown Jurassic strata of Balin
  • Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Echinodermen des vicentinischen Tertiärgebiets 1868 – Contribution to the knowledge of echinoderms in the Vicenza Tertiary area
  • Über einige fossile Echiniden von den Murray Cliffs in Südaustralien 1869 – On some fossil echinoids from the Murray cliffs of southern Australia
  • Reise der Hansa ins Nördliche Eismeer Prague 1871 – Journey aboard the Hansa to the northern Arctic Ocean
  • Hilfstafeln zur Bestimmung der Mineralien 2nd edition, 1879 – Auxiliary panels for the determination of minerals
  • Die Echinoiden der österreichisch-ungarischen obern Tertiärablagerungen 1872 – Echinoids from the Austro-Hungarian upper Tertiary deposits
  • Geologische Beobachtungen, gesammelt während der Reise auf der Hansa und gelegentlich des Aufenthalts in Südgrönland Vienna 1873 – Geological observations, collected during the trip of the Hansa and from occasional stays in southern Greenland
  • Geologie des böhmischen Erzgebirges Prague 1876–87, 2 volumes – Geology of the Bohemian Ore Mountains
  • Geologische Exkursionen im Thermalgebiet des nordwestlichen Böhmens Leipzig 1884 – Geological excursions in the thermal springs region of northwestern Bohemia
  • Synopsis der Wirbeltierfauna der böhmischen Braunkohlenformation Prague 1901 – Synopsis of the vertebrate fauna from the Bohemian lignite formation
  • Volkstümliche Überlieferungen aus Teplitz und Umgebung 2nd edition, 1902 – Folk traditions of Teplitz and surrounding areas1


  • Příruční slovník naučný 1962 encyclopedia by Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences: volume II, page 777
  • Article about geological institute which briefly mentions Laube
  1. ^ a b Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon at Zenoorg

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