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Gunnar Haarberg

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Gunnar Haarberg 28 July 1917 – 1 October 2009 was a Norwegian philologist, teacher, radio- and television personality

Haarberg was born in Trondheim He was a philologist, teacher, radio personality and was called Norway's first television celebrity For a few years, he taught English at the Norwegian police academy

Haarberg was also an English teacher, and wrote several books on the subject


  • The perfect guide The right way to help tourists and talk to them, 1958
  • My English friends, 2 bd, Trondheim 1959
  • On your own in England, 1960 2 utg 1967
  • Good evening, friends English for beginners, 1964
  • E det Kvijtt eller dobbelt Gunnar Haarberg intervjuet av Krestjan Flatlajndet, 1965
  • English just for you, 1965
  • Engelsk grammatikk for yrkesskolen for handel og kontorarbeid, 1974


  1. ^ Verdens Gang: Norges første tv-kjendis er død no

Further reading

  • H F Dahl mfl: Kinoens mørke, fjernsynets lys, 1996

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