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Guillermo de Cun

guillermo de cun, guillermo de cun soltero y sin compromiso
Guillermo de Cun February 10, 1929 in Havana, Cuba – September 9, 2009 in San Juan, Puerto Rico was an actor, writer, director, and producer for radio and television


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He began his career in Cuba, working first on radio CMQ and then television In television, he was very popular with his show Casos y Cosas de Casa He also worked on several films while in Cuba, including Hotel Tropical/Me gustan Todas, directed by Juan José Ortega and starring Adalberto Martínez Chávez "Resortes" y Rosita Fornés 1953; Un extraño en la escalera with Silvia Pinal; An Affair in Havana and The Old Man and the Sea the motion picture version of Hemingway's classic, directed by John Sturges, and starring Spencer Tracy 1958

His actoral debut in Puerto Rico was in 1963, with Por el Amor de un Hombre for the love of a man, a very popular telenovela at the time Up to 1996, he was a leading man in telenovelas produced in Puerto Rico Guillermo de Cun became very popular in Puerto Rico during the 1970s with hit shows such as Soltero y Sin Compromiso, Detras de la Fachada, Tres Chicas de Hoy, and ¿Qué traigo aquí Mostly, he was the executive producer and lead in these shows, while also writing several scripts for many of his shows

More recently, he participated in the following films: El Cimarron, El Cantante, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and a recent motion picture filmed in Puerto Rico by Lifetime Movie Networks, One Hot Summer

For the last 15 years of his life, he worked at the "Taller Dramático de Radio de la Corporación de Puerto Rico para la Difusión Pública" Radio Drama Workshop of the Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation He narrated and directed the popular radio show, Los Igualitos on 940 AM in San Juan



  • Hotel Tropical/Me gustan Todas 1953
  • Un extraño en la escalera
  • An Affair in Havana
  • The Old Man and the Sea 1958
  • El Cimarron
  • El Cantante
  • The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca 1996
  • Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 2004
  • El Cantante 2006


  • Casos y Cosas de Casa
  • Por el Amor de un Hombre 1963
  • Soltero y Sin Compromiso
  • Detras de la Fachada
  • Tres Chicas de Hoy
  • ¿Qué traigo aquí
  • One Hot Summer 2009


  • Los Igualitos

Personal life

Guillermo R De Cun was the youngest of three sons by Francisco Rodriguez Leon y Severina Petra Cun Rodriguez de Rodriguez He married Elisa Vega Farrucha and had two children, Guillermo Guille and Mercedes Mechy

In 1962, de Cun left Cuba due to the political unrest, and moved to Miami, Florida His two children had already left the island through Operation Pedro Pan earlier in 1962 He was fortunate to leave soon thereafter and reunite with his children His wife joined them in Miami shortly thereafter

After a year, the family moved to Puerto Rico, which they made their home for many years, with brief intermissions, living in San Jose, Costa Rica 1978–1979 and in Miami during 1980

In 1985 he was remarried to Ana Margarita Dominguez, who had one son from a previous marriage—Dr Alberto Dominguez


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