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Guaranty Trust Bank (Uganda)

Guaranty Trust Bank Uganda, commonly referred to as GT Bank Uganda, is a commercial bank in Uganda It is one of the commercial banks licensed by Bank of Uganda, the central bank of that country and the national banking regulator

GT Bank Uganda is a retail financial services institution that provides commercial banking services to individuals and small to medium-sized corporate clients As of December 2011, the asset valuation of the bank was estimated to be US$3063 million USh1049 billion, with shareholders' equity of US$11 million USh397 billion GT Bank Uganda is a subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Bank GTB, a Nigerian financial services conglomerate with assets in excess of NGN:2,525 billion as of 31 December 2015


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GT Bank Uganda was founded in 2008 as Fina Bank Uganda, a subsidiary of the Fina Bank Group based in Kenya

In 2013, the Group sold 70 percent shareholding to GTB for a cash consideration of US$100 million In January 2014, the bank rebranded to its current name to reflect its current shareholding

Branch Network

As of November 2016, GT Bank Uganda has a network of branches at the following locations: 1 Main Branch: 56 Kira Road, Kamwookya, Kampala 2 Buganda Road Branch: 7 Buganda Road, Kampala 3 Nakivubo Road Branch: 34-38 Nakivubo Road, Kampala 4 Industrial Area Branch: 13 Mulwana Road, Kampala 5 Mbarara Branch: 52-54 High Street, Mbarara 6 Kyaliwajjala Branch: 31 Namugongo Road, Kyaliwajjala, Kira Municipality 7 Colville Street Branch: 5-6 Colville Street, Kampala 8 Makerere Branch: Makerere

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