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Gross Anatomy (film)

gross anatomy film soundtrack
Gross Anatomy is a 1989 American drama film directed by Thom Eberhardt and starring Matthew Modine, Daphne Zuniga, and Christine Lahti It was released by Touchstone Pictures


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Joe Slovak is a brilliant first-year med student whose nonconformist approach to life is tested when he enrolls in gross anatomy, the toughest course in med school His schoolfriends include Kim, a pregnant woman, Miles, a buttoned-down blue-blood, Laurie, an ambitious student determined to make it and David, an overanalyzer who is also his roommate Joe's freewheeling, independent style creates funny moments in the classroom, but puts him at odds with the demanding department head, Dr Woodruff, who questions whether her easygoing "class rebel" has what it takes to be a doctor Meanwhile, Joe falls in love with his lab partner Laurie, who won't let anything, especially romance, interfere with her plans And while Joe's never done anything by the book, he proves he does have what it takes to succeed — without changing his ways However, Joe's ways and the ways of medicine come to a header when he is ordered to do an extra credit assignment by Dr Woodruff of a complex diagnosis Joe correctly diagnoses it as a serious, difficult-to-treat chronic illness and learns the patient is Dr Woodruff herself


  • Matthew Modine as Joe Slovak
  • Daphne Zuniga as Laurie Rorbach
  • Christine Lahti as Dr Rachel Woodruff
  • Todd Field as David Schreiner
  • John Scott Clough as Miles Reed
  • Alice Carter as Kim McCauley
  • Robert Desiderio as Dr Banks
  • Zakes Mokae as Dr Banumbra
  • Ryan Cash as Frankie Slovak


Gross Anatomy was released domestically on October 20, 1989, earning $2,830,387 in 853 theaters during its opening weekend After its theatrical run, the film brought in a total of $11,604,598 at the domestic box office

Upon its initial release, the film received mixed to positive critical response Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film a three-star review stating, "Most of the major events in the movie can be anticipated, but they are played with a genuine grace" Janet Maslin of The New York Times also gave the film a positive review, describing the film as "mostly funny and engaging"


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  • Gross Anatomy on IMDb
  • Gross Anatomy at Rotten Tomatoes

gross anatomy film soundtrack

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