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Greenery Day

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The present observation of Greenery Day みどりの日, Midori no Hi as a national holiday in Japan stems from the celebration of the Emperor Shōwa's birthday on April 29 every year during the Shōwa era In 1989, following the ascension of the current Emperor Akihito to the Chrysanthemum Throne, the name of the holiday was changed from "Birthday of the Emperor" to "Greenery Day"1 Officially, as its name suggests, it is a day to commune with nature and to be thankful for blessings The day was renamed to "Greenery Day" to acknowledge the controversial wartime emperor's love for plants without directly mentioning his name2 However, in practice it is seen as just another day that expands the Japanese Golden Week vacation

In 2007, Greenery Day moved to May 4, and April 29 was changed to Shōwa Day in accordance with a 2005 revision of the law pertaining to public holidays The Shōwa Emperor reigned for 62 years and 2 weeks On May 3, 1947, he became a symbol of Japan by the new constitution of the country

Years April 29 May 4
before 1985 The Emperor's Birthday Non-holiday
1985–1988 The Emperor's Birthday National day of rest
1989–2006 Greenery Day National day of rest
2007– Shōwa Day Greenery Day

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