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Grandpont is a mainly residential area in south Oxford It is west of Abingdon Road, and consists mainly of narrow streets that run at right-angles to the main road, with terraced late-Victorian and Edwardian houses

It also contains the Grandpont Nature Park — a riverside park managed by Oxford City Council grid reference SP510054 The park covers 74 acres 30 ha and was created in 1985 on the site of a gas works that was demolished in 1960 The former railway bridge, used to carry coal from the main railway line across the River Thames to the older gas works in St Ebbes on the north bank, still stands, and is in use as a footbridge A later bridge, Grandpont Bridge, provides a more direct pedestrian and cycle route across the river to St Ebbes


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The name of the area derives from the Grandpont, a medieval stone causeway now known to survive within the core of the modern Abingdon Road for a distance of at least 700 metres south of the city centre1 The causeway may have been first built in the Anglo-Saxon era, and rebuilt in the late 11th century2 by the first Norman lord of Oxford, Robert D'Oyly I, crossing the low-lying ground south of the City, still very liable to winter flooding from the nearby River Thames

In 1279 there were 62 houses in Grandpont The suburb grew slowly in the following centuries, and extensive development did not take place until the 19th century In 1844 the Great Western Railway opened Oxford's first railway station in what is now Western Road, and that stimulated development3 One of the houses built there is Grandpont House named after the neighbourhood4 Built for Sir William Elias Taunton, the Town Clerk of the city of Oxford, in 1785, his family controlled the house until Brasenose College acquired the house in 18474 Brasenose maintained the house until 1959 when it was purchased by the Netherhall Educational Association4

Until 1889 Grandpont was in Berkshire, although it was a tithing of the parish of St Aldate's, Oxford The area was added to the municipal borough of Oxford and to Oxfordshire in 18895 The Church of England parish church of Saint Matthew, Grandpont was built in 1890,6 presumably as a chapel of ease The church was consecrated by Bishop William Stubbs on Thursday October 29, 18917 It became a parish separate from St Aldate's in 19133


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  • Oxfordshire County Council Paths for All: Grandpont Nature Park

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