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Google Text-to-Speech

google text-to-speech, google text-to-speech engine
Google Text-to-Speech is a screen reader application developed by Android, Inc for its Android operating system It powers applications to read aloud speak the text on the screen Currently, the supported languages include Bengali Bangladesh, Cantonese Hong Kong, Chinese China, Chinese Taiwan Danish, Dutch, English Australia, English India, English United Kingdom, English United States, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Spanish Mexico, Spanish Spain, Spanish United States, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese Text-to-Speech may be used by apps such as Google Play Books for reading books aloud, by Google Translate for reading aloud translations providing useful insight to the pronunciation of words, by Google Talkback and other spoken feedback accessibility based applications, as well as by third-party apps Users must install voice data for each language


  • 1 Version history
    • 11 November 2013
    • 12 March 2014
    • 13 May 2014
    • 14 September 2014
    • 15 December 2014
    • 16 July 2015
    • 17 February 2016
    • 18 June 2016
    • 19 October 2016
  • 2 Evolution
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Version history

November 2013

  • Korean now supported

March 2014

  • Version 30 added support for natural high-quality voicesHigh quality voices now featured in English United States as Female high quality whilst English United Kingdom also now featured three new high quality voices; Male, Female high quality and Male high quality These new high quality voices are much larger than the prior versions in terms of file size with 244MB for English US female high quality compared to just 68MB for the regular female voice version These high quality voices were added to ensure higher quality pronunciation and enunciation with intonations that are more natural
  • Support for Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish United States bringing the total number of languages supported to nine at this point German, English UK, English US, Spanish ES, Spanish US, French, Italian, Korean, and Portuguese BR Only English US and English UK have high-quality voice packs for now German, English UK, English US, Spanish ES, Spanish US, French, Italian, Korean, and Portuguese BR Only English US and English UK have high-quality voice packs for now
  • User Interface tweaks:Due to having multiple voices for some languages a toggle was added to voices with 2 or more voice packs

May 2014

  • Russian, Dutch, Polish and English Indian added to the currently supported list of languages

September 2014

  • Support for Japanese output added

December 2014

  • Version 4 Available For 60 Marshmallow and up
  • Support for Hindi and Indonesian output
  • Improved output quality Standard quality voices now surpass the quality of the high quality voices from previous releases

July 2015

  • Four new languages now supported:Cantonese Hong Kong, Mandarin China, Thai Thailand and Turkish Turkey
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

February 2016

  • Improved voice quality
  • Added support for Bengali Bangladesh, Danish Denmark, English Australia, Finnish Finland, Hungarian Hungary, Norwegian Norway, and Mandarin Taiwan
  • The offline voices can now speak at a faster rate
  • Plus lots of bug fixes and performance improvements

June 2016

  • Added support for Swedish and Vietnamese
  • Bug fixes and improvements

October 2016

  • Alternative voice variations now available on every device
  • Added support to amplify speech volume over other audio
  • Extended support for emoji verbalisation in Chinese, Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
  • Bug fixes and improvements


Some app developers have started adapting and tweaking their Android Auto apps to include Text to Speech, such as Hyundai in 2015 Apps such as textPlus and WhatsApp use Text to Speech to read notifications aloud and provide voice-reply functionality

The Google Chrome extensions "Chrome Speak" and "Speak It" can read aloud any selected piece of text within the browser

See also

  • Speech synthesis
  • VoiceOver


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