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Google Pinyin IME 谷歌拼音输入法; Pinyin: Gǔgē Pīnyīn Shūrùfǎ is an input method developed by Google China Labs The tool was made publicly available on April 4, 2007


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As of August 2012, Google Pinyin is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 There are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available


Google released a Pinyin IME system for Android 15 or newer in March 2009 The Android Pinyin IME supports user dictionary synchronization with the desktop version


By the end of 2008, more than 20% users of Google Pinyin wanted a Linux version of the input method, which was answered in the FAQ section with a general PR phrase "We always strive to provide a better user experience and we never stop our hard work to fulfill the customer needs"

However, the Linux user community is porting the Android Google Pinyin IME to the non-Android Linux IME framework SCIM in the scim-googlepinyin module

After Christmas 2009, the Google pinyin module for SCIM became also available for the Nokia Maemo 5 platform, which meant it could be downloaded to any Nokia N900 phone through the official application repositories

Mac OS X

A closed beta version of Google Pinyin for Mac OS X was leaked on September 14, 2010 The first public version is not yet available

Copyright infringement allegations

After Google Pinyin was initially released in April 2007, it was soon discovered that Google Pinyin's dictionary database contained employee names of Sogou Pinyin, an indication that the dictionary was taken from Sogou, one of Google's competitors in the Chinese Internet market On April 8, 2007, Google admitted that they used "non-Google database resources" Shortly thereafter, a new version of Google Pinyin was released which no longer appeared to be based on Sogou's database

Synchronization failure

Google Pinyin for Windows has been failing to synchronize for years because of the deprecation of Google ClientLogin authentication A client with an alternative authentication method has not been announced yet Google Pinyin for Android can still synchronize within this platform only

See also

  • Pinyin input method
  • Google IME
  • Google Japanese Input
  • Microsoft Pinyin IME
  • Sogou Pinyin


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External links

  • Google Pinyin Website
  • Official Google Group Old
  • Version History

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