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Google Domains

google domains, google domains registration
Google Domains is a domain registration service offered by Google which publicly launched in the United States on January 13, 2015 It is currently still in the Beta stage

Apart from domain registration, the service offers, at no additional cost, private domain registration, DNS hosting, dynamic DNS, domain forwarding and email forwarding to any Gmail address Google Sites can be automatically configured as a website builder, but Google Domains also offer one-click configuration for Squarespace, Wixcom, Weebly and Shopify Google also lets connect the domain name to a Blogger blog As of June 2016, Google Domains offer over 60 top-level domains, mostly so-called new TLDs

On September 29, 2015, a former Google employee Sanmay Ved managed to buy the Googlecom domain from Google via Google Domains, and gain full webmaster control Google later acknowledged the purchase, and rewarded Ved who in turn requested that the reward be donated to charity As a result, Google doubled the reward


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