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Google Chrome Apps

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Google Chrome Apps are web applications that run on the Google Chrome web browser Chrome apps can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store where apps, extensions, and themes can be installed or bought There are two types of apps, hosted and packaged, which have different locations of their executable and are targeted at different use cases

On August 19, 2016, Google announced that it would begin phasing out Chrome Apps for Windows, Mac and Linux both packaged and hosted by the end of 2016, finishing the process in early 2018 The company said that such apps will however continue to be supported and maintained on Chrome OS "for the foreseeable future"


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Types of apps

Chrome apps can be hosted or packaged Hosted apps have their background web pages on a remote server and the app acts like a bookmark or shortcut

Packaged apps

Packaged apps were launched on September 5, 2013 They have features very similar to a native desktop app, namely offline capable by default, can interact with hardware devices, and can access local storage Packaged apps are not confined to the regular Chrome interface and can display without a classic window menu and operating system user interface elements

Hosted apps

Hosted apps are the original type of Chrome apps They contain a single manifest file that contains the URL and additional information about the app Hosted apps are usually offline and are subject to regular web page security restrictions

See also

  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • Firefox add-ons
  • Web application


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External links

  • Official website
  • What Are Chrome Apps

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