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Google Bookmarks

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Google Bookmarks is a free online bookmarking service, available to Google Account holders It is completely separate from browser-based bookmarking and should not be confused with the Bookmarks function on any popular browser, Google Chrome included Google Bookmarks was launched on October 10, 2005 It is cloud based service that allows users to bookmark webpages and add labels or notes

Users can access their bookmarks from any browser on any computer by signing into their Google account The bookmarks are searchable, and searches are performed on the full text of the bookmarked pages, not just the labels and notes

Google Toolbar has a tool enabling users to easily bookmark pages and access them Bookmarks can also be created manually from the web interface, or by use of third-party tools such as Firefox extensions created for the purpose of managing the user's Google Bookmarks account and keeping them synchronized to the browser's bookmarks

A simple JavaScript function labeled Google Bookmark is created on the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar, which opens a window to save the bookmark to the Google Bookmarks This same function can be imported into other browsers as a bookmarklet


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