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GNU toolchain

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The GNU toolchain is a broad collection of programming tools produced by the GNU Project These tools form a toolchain a suite of tools used in a serial manner used for developing software applications and operating systems

The GNU toolchain plays a vital role in development of Linux, some BSD systems, and software for embedded systems Parts of the GNU toolchain are also directly used with or ported to other platforms such as Solaris, macOS, Microsoft Windows via Cygwin and MinGW/MSYS and Sony PlayStation 31


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Projects included in the GNU toolchain are:

  • GNU make: an automation tool for compilation and build
  • GNU Compiler Collection GCC: a suite of compilers for several programming languages
  • GNU Binutils: a suite of tools including linker, assembler and other tools
  • GNU Bison: a parser generator, often used with the Flex lexical analyser
  • GNU m4: an m4 macro processor
  • GNU Debugger GDB: a code debugging tool
  • GNU build system autotools: Autoconf, Automake and Libtool

See alsoedit

  • Computer programming portal
  • GNU C Library
  • GNU Classpath
  • GNU Core Utilities
  • CVS and Git
  • MinGW and Cygwin
  • Cross compiler


  • Free software portal
  1. ^ Sony Global - Source Code Distribution Service

External linksedit

  • GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection
  • Building and Installing under Linux
  • Prebuilt Win32 GNU Toolchains for various embedded platforms
  • Prebuilt gnu toolchains for different target architectures

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