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GMT (TV programme)

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GMT is a news programme airing weekdays on BBC World News, which premiered on 1 February 2010 The programme's main presenters are George Alagiah, Lucy Hockings and Stephen Sackur, who are rotated depending on the edition as of 2016, Alagiah is currently on leave from his anchor duties on GMT, with Tim Willcox serving as a primary relief presenter

Each programme begins with the presenter providing an in-depth lead story, giving the time in that part of the world; the program also features other reports of moderate length focusing on political, social, health and human rights issues, business and sport news, as well as a brief summary of other news headlines from around the world however, the programme does not emphasize 'headlines' from BBC World News Its title apparently refers to Greenwich Mean Time, as the programme commences at 12 noon GMT in London


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GMT airs three times a day 10:00-10:30 GMT, 11:00-11:30 GMT and 12:00-13:00 GMT each Monday through Friday on BBC World News The programme acts as a morning programme for North America and South America, a daytime/afternoon programme for Europe, Middle East and Africa, an evening programme for Asia, and a late night/early morning programme for Australia and Oceania The programme features analysis and discussion of the top news stories of the day and also previews the exclusive reports, correspondent feature films and interviews planned on BBC World News programme BBC World News America at 00:00 GMT later that day In the United States, the first half-hour of the 12:00 GMT segment of the program is also syndicated to PBS member stations and select non-commercial educational independent stations through a distribution agreement between BBC World News and Los Angeles public independent KCET

BBC Two simulcast

From 6 September 2010, a 27-minute segment was shown on BBC Two in the UK on Mondays and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 12:30 GMT, replacing Working Lunch Originally an edition of World Business Report was shown at 12:40 GMT, though this was changed for BBC Two viewers to feature a four-minute-long business update There was no Wednesday edition during Parliament, because of a 90-minute-long edition of The Daily Politics to cover Prime Ministers Questions The BBC Two simulcast was ended at the end of 2011, and has since been replaced 2012 by an extended edition of The Daily Politics An edition of BBC World News is shown instead on BBC Two at 11:30, this was replaced in 2015 with BBC Newsroom Live


Years Presenter Current Role
2010–present George Alagiah On Leave
Lucy Hockings Main Presenter
Stephen Sackur Main Presenter
Kate Silverton Relief Presenter
David Eades
Mishal Husain
Tim Willcox
Ros Atkins
2013–present Babita Sharma
Karin Giannone
2015–present Philippa Thomas


  • Komla Dumor 2012–2014; served until his death
  • Naga Munchetty 2012–2014; moved to Salford to present BBC Breakfast
  • Zeinab Badawi


  1. ^ "BBC's Working Lunch show to end" BBC News 23 April 2010 Retrieved 2013-03-04 
  • BBC portal

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    • GMT at BBC Online 2010-2012

gmt tv programme deutschland, gmt tv programme guide, gmt tv programme national, gmt tv programme tnt

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